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5G Benefits People’s Livelihood Beijing Telecom Leads the People of the Capital to Digitalize and Intelligentize a New Life

Visitors can have fun interacting with the beautiful scenery of the park by picking up their mobile phones; ordinary people can “face-to-face” communicate with government officials without leaving home; patients in remote mountainous areas can also enjoy surgical treatment “in person” by the capital’s experts…

Unknowingly, 5G has been officially commercialized for two years. With the comprehensive construction of the 5G network, an endless stream of innovative 5G applications surround the lives of ordinary people. As the main force in the digital construction of the capital, Beijing Telecom has been advancing on the road of 5G development to benefit the people’s livelihood, bringing changes to the lives of the people in the capital in terms of medical care, government affairs, cultural tourism, and consumption.

Build a high-speed 5G boutique network to run out of people’s livelihood acceleration

Since the beginning of this year, the construction of the capital’s 5G network has accelerated. In order to meet the network needs of many intelligent applications, Beijing Telecom continues to accelerate the pace of 5G infrastructure construction to achieve continuous coverage of outdoor 5G networks within the Fifth Ring Road and the city’s sub-center.

Not only that, key areas such as Daxing New Airport, National Convention Center, Tongzhou Universal Studios, and Beijing-Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics have all completed 5G network deployment, allowing people in the capital to be able to travel anytime and anywhere, whether they are traveling for long distances or having fun in scenic spots in the city. Enjoying the ultimate Internet experience brought by Telecom’s high-speed 5G, more and more users are moving towards the 5G era under the leadership of Beijing Telecom.

Smart medical treatment frees medical treatment from the shackles of “time and space”

The remote location of medical resources is extremely limited, epidemic prevention needs cannot go out for consultation, medical experts all over the country cannot gather for consultation… In the scene of daily medical treatment, many people have encountered similar problems more or less. At the time when 5G technology is gradually mature, Beijing Telecom has given full play to the role of “5G+” in the medical field and launched a series of innovations in 5G telemedicine, allowing high-quality medical resources to benefit every inch of land in the capital and even the country.

As early as 2019, Beijing Telecom assisted Tian Wei, Dean of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, to complete the world’s first orthopedic surgery robot multi-center 5G remote surgery based on its own high-speed, stable, and secure 5G network. Spine fracture patients were accurately driven into 12 screws, which effectively promoted the sinking of high-quality medical resources and improved patient medical care; during the epidemic, Beijing Telecom also provided 5G remote ward rounds for Beijing First Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, realizing remote doctors and patients Real-time interaction effectively guarantees the life safety of the “white soldiers” and reduces the risk of cross-infection of patients.

According to the person in charge of Beijing Telecom, “5G has very broad application prospects in the medical field. We will further increase research and development in the future, and strive to allow more people to enjoy convenient, efficient, safe and caring medical services.”

5G empowers government services “into the door”

During the epidemic, in order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, ordinary people cannot travel at will as usual, but the things that need to be solved by going out will not decrease as a result. Taking into account the needs of people and enterprises for government affairs, Beijing Telecom is helping Fangshan Government Affairs Center implement a new method of remote office based on 5G technology. People and companies in need do not need to go to the government affairs center, and they can get the “face-to-face” of staff without leaving their homes. Service guidance and assistance have greatly improved the efficiency of government staff and brought convenience to the masses.

In order to further accelerate the digital and intelligent upgrade of the capital’s government affairs, and free the masses from the past difficulties of “difficulty” and “slowness”, Beijing Telecom actively builds a telecom government cloud platform to provide computing, storage, network, and security protection to all government departments in the capital. Such products have empowered the construction of “digital government”. At present, a total of ten government affairs clouds have been created for the “one city and eight districts” in Beijing, so that the people of the capital can truly feel the improvement in the efficiency of government affairs and enjoy the dividends of 5G development.

5G + cultural tourism = beautiful scenery more “moving” people

There are countless large and small parks in Beijing. Beijing Telecom has made these beautiful scenery “moving” based on 5G+AR technology. Based on the characteristics of 5G large bandwidth and low latency, Beijing Telecom and Yuyuantan Park launched the first 5G smart park applet in Beijing’s tributary parks, using AR technology to launch the “Four Seasons Viewing Sakura” AR experience, “Aquatic Habitat” AR interaction between animals and plants, Interesting functions such as AR interactive for cultural creation.

Even in the midwinter season, everything is bleak, visitors only need to go to the cherry blossom garden scenic spot, use the applet to scan the QR code, you can see the pink and romantic cherry blossom virtual scene, and can take a photo with the virtual flower sea and feel the flower. An immersive experience of the sea. Not only that, visitors can also use the mini program to summon the park’s cultural and creative character “Sakura”, conduct vivid and detailed virtual science, and explore the mysteries of the kingfisher, lotus, yellow iris and other characteristic animals and plants in the park…

Beijing Telecom also builds AR navigation products for Xidan Joy City based on 5G+AR technology. The most troublesome thing about shopping in shopping malls is to find shops, restaurants, elevators, toilets and other places. With AR navigation, customers only need to pick up their mobile phones and follow the virtual arrows to their destinations without worrying about getting lost.

“Not only medical care, cultural tourism, government affairs, we are also actively promoting the integration of 5G and consumption, live video, smart education and other fields, so that the benefits of 5G development will be implemented, and it will truly benefit the people of the capital.” Beijing Telecom related The person in charge said.

Science and technology change China and technology benefits the people. As the 5G wave sweeps the country, Beijing Telecom will continue to exert its innovative spirit and always uphold the principle of “People’s Posts and Telecommunications for the People”. With the power of technological innovation, more people in the capital will gain a sense of happiness. A sense of security and satisfaction.

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