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“5G+UHV” guards the safety of power transmission from west to east

Xinhua News Agency Hefei, December 2

Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Shangying and Liu Junxi

At the 2021 World Manufacturing Conference held in mid-November, the top ten innovative applications of “5G + Industrial Internet” in Anhui Province this year were released, and “5G + UHV dense channel and intelligent operation inspection of power distribution” was one of them.

UHV dense channels are important energy channels. How does 5G empower technology to protect the safety of tall towers and high-voltage lines hanging in the air? Recently, the reporter went to the scene to find out.

Climbing up to a hill near Xuqiao Village, Dunshang Street, Guichi District, Chizhou City, Anhui Province, the dense transmission towers and high-voltage lines “travel” through the mountains in the distance, which is spectacular.

“This is the Jiuhua UHV intensive channel in Chizhou, and one of the main arteries for power transmission from west to east.” said Chen Yakui, director of the Jiuhua Transport Inspection Station of Anhui Transmission and Transformation Engineering Co., Ltd., with a maximum rated transmission load of 30.6 million kilowatts. The current largest electricity load in Anhui Province is comparable, with nearly 71.4 billion kilowatt-hours of clean energy delivered to the Yangtze River Delta each year, which is nearly half of Shanghai’s annual electricity consumption.

The reporter found at the scene that there was a relatively “pocket” 5G wireless base station not far from the tall UHV tower. “This is a 5G base station specially built for dense channels. It will be completed at the end of September this year.” said Xu Fan, manager of the project support office of the China Mobile Anhui Company Network Management Center. 5G technology has the characteristics of low latency and large bandwidth and can be implemented for dense channels. Intelligent management and control provide protection.

According to reports, the Jiuhua UHV dense channel is located in mountainous areas with dense vegetation and complex geographic environment. The risks of mountain fires, foreign bodies, ice disasters, and geological disasters are high. Once an accident occurs, the East China Power Grid will be endangered. The original channel inspection business has problems such as slow data transmission of tower-mounted cameras, low resolution, inconvenient individual inspections in mountainous environments, and low automation of drones.

Xu Fan said that in order to solve this problem, the State Grid Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd., in conjunction with China Mobile Anhui Company, established a 5G virtual private network that carries the intelligent transportation and inspection services of dense channels, and realizes 5G intelligent inspections of UHV dense channels. 5G network capabilities to establish 5G UAV inspection, high-precision positioning, intelligent AI processing and other transportation inspection application systems.

“This project builds a brand-new 5G network and power communication network’dual network integration’ model, provides on-demand network construction and edge computing capabilities, supports dense channel full-state perception and panoramic monitoring functions, communication reliability rate reaches 99.99%, network bandwidth Performance indicators such as delay and time delay have been greatly improved to enhance the equipment’s real-time perception and diagnosis capabilities to ensure the safety of energy channels.” said Lin Hang, deputy director of the Control Center of State Grid Anhui Information and Communications Corporation.

In order to reduce the impact of UHV transmission lines on the natural environment, comprehensive consideration of various factors such as saving land resources, and avoiding scenic spots and nature reserves as much as possible when selecting routes, thus forming a dense passage phenomenon where multiple lines gather, like this There are 6 dense UHV channels in Anhui Province, covering 463 kilometers.

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