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ams unveils new position sensor for high-speed motors to help electrify the automotive industry

· New AS5147U and AS5247U rotary positionsensorImproves precision and accuracy of measurement output

Can improve the operating efficiency of electric motors in power steering and braking systems of future environmentally friendly vehicles

Reduced system cost due to smaller form factor, higher reliability and complete immunity to stray magnetic fields without the need for expensive shielding materials

Improved self-diagnostics for ASIL D applications for increased driving safety

China, June 3, 2020 – ams AG (SIX: AMS), the world’s leading supplier of high-performance sensor solutions and a leader in 3D facial recognition for the mobile market, today announced that Introduces two new position sensors, the AS5147U and AS5247U, that reduce system cost while increasing the electrification of safety-critical automotive functions such as power steering, active damper control, and braking for safer, smarter , Greener cars.

These two new position sensors bring several performance benefits to the automotive industry and reduce system cost. The ams AS5147U is a smart rotating magnetic position sensor chip that can be used in motors up to 28,000rpm. The new AS5247U is a dual stacked die that provides the redundancy required for the most demanding ASIL D functional safety applications.

These new products meet the automotive industry’s requirements to build safer, smarter, and greener vehicles:

· improvehigh speed motoroperating efficiency. The new sensor features new DFS™ (Dynamic Filtering System) technology for more accurate, low-noise position measurement at high rotational speeds. Additionally, DAEC™ (Dynamic Angular Error Correction) technology enables near-zero latency during high-speed rotation, enabling ultra-accurate real-time angle measurements. This is also a technology portfolio unique to ams.

The sensor also has a comprehensive set of built-in self-diagnostics to support automakers in developing compliance programs for the stringent ISO 26262 functional safety standard requirements. The new AS5x47U sensors also implement Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) protection during communication with external devices.

Lower cost of motor control – all ams position sensors use a patented differential sensing architecture that is immune to stray magnetic fields. Faced with magnetic radiation from an increasing number of components, these sensors do not need to be shielded from external magnetic fields from other sources such as charging stations, motors, solenoids and high-voltage cables.

· Enables smaller, more reliable motor systems, reducing material and production costs.

· Enhanced digital signal processor (DSP) core performance for ams position sensors to improve on-chip measurement processing. Enables automotive designers to easily implement measurement outputs in standard UVW, ABI and PWM formats in new, smarter automotive control systems.

Alexander Rensink, Business Unit Position Sensors Manager at ams, said: “Advanced electrification technology means that the environmental impact of next-generation vehicles can be significantly reduced, which is one of the key steps in the automotive industry to create greener vehicles. ams Our latest position sensor technology simplifies position measurement, maximizes torque and efficiency in high-speed motors, and helps the automotive industry accelerate electrification.”

Off-the-shelf measurement solutions

The AS5x47U products are highly integrated position measurement solutions using magnetic position sensor elements, analog signal conditioning and a powerful DSP-based processing engine. This family of sensors offers a variety of convenient output format options:

ABI incremental output (industry standard), earlier versions of the AS5x47 family provided 12-bit output, while the current version has a higher 14-bit resolution

· UVW output, supports the realization of brushless DC (BLDC) motor commutation scheme.

· Digital PWM signals that can be processed directly by an external microcontroller or microprocessor.

· High-speed Standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), now with 8-bit CRC protection.

The AS5147U sensor is available in a small 14-pin TSSOP package. The dual-die AS5247U is housed in a 7mm x 7mm 32-pin TQFP package.Both sensors are AEC-Q100 grade 0 qualified

The AS5147U and AS5247U position sensors are now in volume production.

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