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Breaking: Wu Xiongang, executive chairman and CEO of ARM China, was dismissed

This morning, the news that “Wu Xiongang, executive chairman and CEO of Arm China, was dismissed” was widely spread in the industry. According to reports, Allen Xionang Wu, CEO and executive chairman of ARM China, has been removed from office, but due to legal procedures such as legal person replacement, it has not been publicly announced for the time being. The specific reasons for the change are still unclear.

It is reported that the ARM China board of directors has appointed Ken Phua and Phil Tang as interim co-CEOs of ARM China, replacing Wu Xiongang as chairman and CEO.

Based on this, OFweek Electronic engineering network immediately checked with ARM China and learned that there was no personnel change in Arm China, and Chairman and CEO Allen Wu continued to lead the company. As an independent legal person legally registered in China, Arm China, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, Mr. Wu Xiongang continues to perform his duties as chairman and CEO. Amou China is currently operating normally, and the support and service to Chinese customers and industrial partners are as always.

Arm China also released a related statement on its official Weibo Weibo:

(Information from Arm China’s official Weibo)

According to the data, Wu Xiongang joined ARM in 2004, became vice president of sales in China in 2007, was promoted to general manager and vice president of sales in China in 2009, became president of China in early 2011, and was promoted to president of Greater China in January 2013. Before joining ARM, Wu Xiongang founded Accelerate Mobile in Silicon Valley, and worked at Mentor Graphics, LSI Logic, and Intel.

Industry analysts believe that the dismissal of ARM China CEO Wu Xiongang seems to be a contradiction between the current CEO and the ARM China board of directors, but whether there is a deeper reason behind it is still unknown.

Arm is the world’s largest chip architecture (IP) supplier with more than 500 global chip customers and ecological partners throughout the global semiconductor industry chain, forming the world’s largest technology ecosystem with Arm as the core.

As early as 2002, Arm entered the Chinese market and has been committed to introducing the core technology and architecture of its products into China. The company has carried out in-depth cooperation. At present, the cumulative shipments of Chinese customers have exceeded 16 billion, occupying a very high market share in the Chinese chip market.

Arm China was registered and established in 2018. The Chinese investment team holds 51% of the shares, and Arm company holds 49% of the shares, taking over all Arm’s domestic business. Arm China independently develops IP and standards based on Arm technology in combination with the needs of the Chinese market.

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