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CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp), which is translated as Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp in Chinese, has the advantages of high power and high brightness, and is widely used in display, lighting and other fields.

CCFL composition
1. Connector: Connect to Inverter
2.Iron frame: protect and fix the lamp
3.Nylon rivets: fix the lamp tube and light guide plate, reflector, diffuser, and lens
4. Light guide plate: light guide
5. Heat shrinkable tubing: fix high-voltage wires, insulate, and protect exposed electrode ends
6. High voltage wire: conductive
7. Lamp tube silver reflective paper: reflect the lamp tube light and lead it into the light guide plate

Product features: High brightness and high efficiency; It can start quickly at low temperature; Accurate color; temperature control; Small size and light weight; Low fever; Good vibration resistance; It is easy to process into various shapes (straight tube shape, L shape, U shape, ring shape, etc.), with strong decorativeness.

Application: Cold cathode fluorescent tube cold cathode lamp is a new type of lighting source; because CCFL tube has a small tube, simple structure, low temperature rise on the surface of the tube, high brightness on the surface of the tube, and easy processing into various shapes (straight tube shape). , L-shaped, U-shaped, ring, etc.); long service life, good color rendering, uniform light emission, etc.; so it is also an ideal light source for current TFT-LCD (Liquid Crystal screen), and is widely used in advertising light boxes, scanners and backlights Source and other purposes.