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China Micro Semiconductor invests in two semiconductor equipment manufacturers

In order to improve the business layout, Semiconductor “target=”_blank”> China Micro semiconductor Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Micro Semiconductor”) is accelerating industrial investment, and recently invested in two semiconductor equipment manufacturers.

On December 28, Zhongwei Semiconductor announced that the company plans to increase the capital of Ruili Scientific Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Ruili”) based on the consideration of business strategy development.

The announcement shows that for this capital increase, the pre-investment valuation of Shanghai Ruili is 414 million yuan. The company plans to increase the capital of Shanghai Ruili by 100 million yuan in cash, and subscribe for Shanghai Ruili’s new registered capital of 83.3333 million yuan. The subscription price is 1.2 Yuan/share (registered capital). After the completion of this capital increase, the registered capital of Shanghai Ruili increased to 428 million yuan, and the company held 20.4467% of the equity of Shanghai Ruili.

According to the announcement, Shanghai Ruili was established in June 2005 and is committed to the research and development and production of equipment in the field of integrated circuit production front-end process testing. Its main products are optical film thickness measurement equipment and optical defect detection equipment, as well as silicon wafer thickness and warpage. Measuring equipment, etc., is one of the few high-end equipment companies in China that has entered the world’s leading 12-inch production line, and is the only domestic integrated circuit equipment company that has entered a leading Korean chip manufacturer.

The announcement further pointed out that the TFX3000 series of 12-inch optical measurement equipment independently developed by Shanghai Ruili has been applied to the 65/55/40/28 nanometer chip production line and has undergone 14 nanometer process verification, and supports 64 layers in the 3D memory chip production line. Production of 3D NAND chips and is verifying the measured performance of 96-layer 3D NAND chips. Its automatic optical inspection equipment for pattern inspection of LED sapphire substrates has also been successfully sold to many domestic LED PSS substrates and LED chip production lines.

Shanghai Ruili is developing the next generation of film thickness and OCD measurement equipment that can support higher-level chip manufacturing processes and defect detection equipment used in integrated circuit chip production, further expanding the market size that can be served.

In the announcement, China Micro Semiconductor stated that the company has achieved certain results in the research and development and marketization of integrated circuit etching equipment. laid out. This investment in Shanghai Ruili will enable the company to deploy in the field of integrated circuit process testing equipment.

In addition, the company has a high degree of overlap with Shanghai Ruili’s customers and suppliers. Through this investment, the synergy effect of the industry chain can be further formed. The investment in Shanghai Ruili is another step for the company to focus and implement the strategy of high-end chip equipment. It is an investment made by the company to improve its business layout.

Previously, China Micro Semiconductor had invested 5 million yuan in creditor’s rights to Shanghai Ruili, and subscribed for Shanghai Ruili’s new registered capital of 4.1667 million yuan, holding 1.2091% of the shares. This is China Micro Semiconductor’s new investment in Shanghai Ruili. After the transaction is completed, China Micro Semiconductor’s shareholding in Shanghai Ruili is 20.4467%.

In addition to Shanghai Ruili, China Micro Semiconductor has also recently invested in another semiconductor equipment manufacturer.

According to the company’s investigation data, on December 24, 2020, Shanghai Ideal Wanlihui Thin Film Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ideal Wanlihui”) changed its shareholding, and one of the original shareholders, Ideal Energy Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. withdrew, and the new Zengzhong Micro-Semiconductor, Three Gorges Green Industry (Shandong) Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), Shanghai Yida Xinye No. 1 Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership) and other shareholders, its registered capital increased from 84.5533 million to 146 million Yuan.

According to the data, the predecessor of Ideal Wanlihui was the PECVD division of Ideal Energy, which was split and reorganized in 2012 and registered in 2013. In 2020, Ideal Wanlihui completed the A+ round of financing and settled in Shanghai Lingang New Area.

According to the official website, Ideal Wanlihui is mainly engaged in solar energy, pan-semiconductor and semiconductor high-end PECVD equipment, and a series of high-end PECVD series products in the fields of photovoltaic and AMOLED Display have repeatedly broken foreign monopoly and filled domestic gaps. Ideal Wanlihui said that it will continue to devote itself to the research and development of cutting-edge high-end photovoltaic equipment, and will extend the industrial chain on the existing basis to develop PECVD equipment for large-area graphene and integrated circuit semiconductor fields.

According to the company’s information, China Micro Semiconductor subscribed for about 5.63689 million yuan this time, holding 3.8499% of the shares of Ideal Wanlihui.

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