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Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

The cold cathode lamp is a kind of digital calculation (color temperature, lumen) that can be calculated according to the on-site environment to meet the overall design needs of the building decoration, that is, it can achieve a suitable and elegant light and dark Contrast effect, and it can be made with a special computer control system. A variety of color-changing lamps.

Basic Information
The cold cathode tube is one of the most efficient and energy-saving light sources; its color is rich and pure, and it can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting of star hotels, city signs, building outline lighting modeling; bridges, buildings and other buildings’ outlines, Plaza decoration lighting and other outdoor occasions are the preferred light source for urban beautiful projects. It has high brightness, high lumen, high efficiency and energy saving, and better long-distance visual effect.
Cold cathode tube is a series of overall specifications related to light source production such as counter electrode, powder tube, production process, sophisticated and supporting power supply based on the production process of neon lights. The high-end cold cathode low pressure glow produced Light discharge light source.


Energy saving
With the same brightness, cold cathode lamps consume only 20% of the power consumption of tube lamps (incandescent lamps), saving 80% of energy consumption. Compared with conventional light sources such as incandescent lamps, T5 tubes, etc., cold cathodes can save more energy at the same brightness, and can be dimmed to achieve the brightness required by the place. Not only the colors are colorful and gorgeous, but the average life span is as high as 30,000 hours, and the cost performance is much higher than that of conventional light sources.

A well-made cold cathode lamp with a high-quality special transformer can be lit for 30,000 hours with only slight light decay; and its life is not affected by the number of times of switching (incandescent lamp switch life is shortened by about 2 hours). Compared with ordinary neon lights, its working environment temperature is also greatly relaxed, and its brightness is not different between -28-40℃, and the luminous flux of cold cathode lamps is twice that of ordinary neon lights, and the color rendering effect is more realistic; cold cathode The penetrating power of the lamp tube is stronger, and the effect is more obvious under bad weather conditions; it is an ideal light source for green lighting in the new century.


Electrode: High-power ceramic ring electrode is used. The electrode cup is made of imported pure iron after multiple stamping and deep hole nickel plating. The inner wall is sprayed with high-efficiency electronic powder, and the outer port is equipped with ceramic ring protection to reduce the cathode drop and cathode sputtering, improve the life of the lamp, and save energy.

Vacuum technology: The vacuum of the lamp tube adopts the digital vacuum charging and testing software developed by “Yongdian Enterprise”, cooperates with the imported vacuum pump group, and the data instrument system, which can set the charging pressure, bombardment current, and bombardment temperature, so that the lamp tube has high quality And consistency.

Sophistication: The lamp has undergone a 12-hour aging test of the appropriate working current to ensure that the lamp is fully experienced and brightness consistent when it leaves the factory.

Powder tube: made of high-strength lead Glass tube and high-brightness three-color (rare earth) phosphor through advanced cotton glue baking tube powder coating process:
The entire powder coating process adopts advanced automatic quality monitoring production line, which has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, stable thermal processing performance, uniform powder layer thickness, high chemical stability, low light decay and high brightness.

The average life span is 30,000 hours
The luminous source is the same as the neon lamp. In fact, the neon lamp is a kind of cold cathode lamp, but the production and selection of the neon lamp are mixed, and there is no same standard and unified data. However, the material selection and processing technology and production equipment of cold cathode lamps have higher requirements, achieving factoryization, standardization, and lighting.