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Dirac and ADI join forces to bring scalable, high-quality audio to the automotive industry

Uppsala, Sweden, June 8, 2021 – Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac announced today that it will partner with Analog Devices, Inc., a leading American semiconductor company. (ADI) to combine Dirac’s new digital solutions for entry-level audio systems with ADI’s automotive processors to provide ADI’s global automotive customer base with a more complete bundled offering.

With Dirac’s digital solutions, ADI’s automotive customers will be able to more easily, quickly and cost-effectively achieve consistent, optimized acoustic performance in their entry-level audio systems (typically the base system available in the car, using up to nine speakers) and immersive sound experience.

Dirac and ADI join forces to bring scalable, high-quality audio to the automotive industry

In fact, Dirac and ADI have had indirect cooperation for many years, such as providing parts and solutions for the whole vehicle in Volvo (Volvo) and other automotive projects. The two companies are two of the biggest names in the audio and semiconductor industries, and through this direct collaboration today, they will be able to more effectively expand their all-in-one solutions to reach more customers around the world.

Dirac launched a new entry-level system solution in March 2021, which builds on the company’s 15 years of implementation experience in the high-end segment, while also incorporating new innovations to meet the specific requirements of entry-level sound systems. need.

“Dirac has been a pioneer in car audio for over 15 years, working with numerous luxury and high-end brands, including a deep collaboration with Volvo, to design and integrate Dirac’s digital solutions into car audio systems to create the perfect individual sound experience,” said Lars Carlsson, head of automotive business development at Dirac. “Now, thanks to new innovations and product developments, we are aggressively expanding our business across the entire automotive industry. This partnership with ADI will greatly accelerate that process.”

Lars Carlsson continued: “ADI is one of the industry’s most respected and popular high-end semiconductor companies for the automotive market, and through this partnership, we can together provide a complete solution for the entire automotive market that enhances the performance of vehicle audio systems.”

Dirac’s digital solutions, together with ADI processors, create an intelligent audio platform that integrates measurement systems, tuning tools, sound optimization algorithms and a hardware interface platform.

The intelligent audio platform utilizes the industry’s first semi-automatic tuning system based on scientific measurements to optimize performance and deliver signature sound in an efficient, consistent and predictable manner.

The Dirac platform also includes patented digital sound optimization and spatialization technologies that are applied to different levels of loudspeaker systems. For entry-level systems, existing technologies include patented techniques such as measurement-based amplitude response correction, virtual bass, and virtual center – to address common acoustic challenges such as negative impact in the car cockpit, unbalanced stage feel and lack of immersion . For higher-level systems, Dirac offers solutions such as sound field widening and active comfort zones.

“ADI is the global leader in automotive audio processing. Our SHARC™ processor family delivers ultra-low latency and determinism to meet the rapidly growing demands of a wide variety of audio entertainment applications, including active noise cancellation, in-vehicle communications and personal Sound Zone. The SHARC product portfolio seamlessly expands from entry-level to premium audio systems, combining with Dirac’s software solutions to elevate car audio to new heights. Dirac’s ability to overcome the physical limitations of audio systems, combined with their available Expanding the software solution makes Dirac the perfect complement to ADI’s SHARC processor portfolio,” said Andrew Lanfear, product line director for automotive audio processors at Analog Devices.

The recently announced ADSP-2156x family of automotive SHARC processors, clocked at 400 MHz to 1 GHz, provide performance scaling for a variety of audio applications, including sound synthesis and noise cancellation. ADSP-2156x processors have up to 1.6MB of integrated SRAM, enhanced FIR/IIR hardware accelerator and innovative digital audio interface, designed for real-time audio processing applications.

Dirac entry-level solutions will be available for ADI hardware integration and will be available to ADI’s global automotive customers who increasingly value in-vehicle audio performance as a key differentiator for their vehicles.

About Dirac:

Dirac is committed to changing the world of sound and is currently delivering a premium listening experience for the majority, not the few, on any content, device, or space. Headquartered in Sweden, Dirac optimizes digital audio, perfecting the sound for better listening in any environment. Patented sound solutions technology spanning mobile, gaming, virtual and augmented reality, headset, streaming, automotive, residential and commercial AV, enhances your sound no matter what you’re listening to, no matter where you’re listening. Listen to the effect. Dirac creates the industry’s most powerful suite of audio tools for signal processing for professionals. Some of the world’s biggest brands have brought Dirac’s audio experience to their customers, including Rolls-Royce, Volvo, Polestar, BMW, BYD, Harman, Voice of the Earth, NAD, Asus and OPPO.

In addition to its headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden, Dirac has offices in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, China; an R&D facility in Copenhagen, Denmark; and representative offices in Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States.

About Analog Devices:

Analog Devices (Nasdaq: ADI) is the world’s leading high-performance semiconductor company solving the toughest engineering challenges. With outstanding detection, measurement, power, connection and interpretation technology, build intelligent bridges between the real and digital worlds, thereby helping customers to re-understand the world around them.

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