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Eight hot technology predictions for 2021: 5G is the foundation, and the edge will quickly develop

2020 is about to pass. This year, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, various industrial chains are being reshaped. Compared with other industries, information technology has not been significantly affected. On the contrary, due to the rise of video conferencing, home office and other scenarios, the whole The Electronic information industry has developed rapidly. Today we will sort out the technical hotspots in 2020 from the perspective of technology and market applications, as well as our outlook for 2021.

Eight hot technology predictions for 2021: 5G is the foundation, and the edge will quickly develop

  5G technology first test edge

As a major development year for 5G, 2020 has not been defeated by the epidemic. On the contrary, we have seen the implementation of policies including “new infrastructure”, and 5G construction has developed by leaps and bounds. In January 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the four major development directions of 5G in 2020. As of November, the cumulative domestic shipments of 5G mobile phones in 2020 are 144 million, accounting for 51.4%. This is the first historic moment for 5G mobile phones to surpass 4G mobile phones in the annual span. In terms of base station infrastructure construction, according to information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 5G independent networking has initially achieved large-scale commercial use, covering cities above prefecture-level and key counties and cities across the country; as of October this year, my country has opened more than 700,000 5G base stations. .

The technological innovation required for 5G is still developing, including technologies such as millimeter wave, massive MIMO, ultra-density heterogeneous networks, and multi-technology carrier aggregation, and there is still room for long-term development. For this reason, the future development of 5G is still very long, and there are more unknown technologies and business models that need to be explored.

During the 2021 ELEXCON Electronics Show and Embedded System Show, the 5G Technology and Internet of Vehicles Zone will exhibit a number of brand-new technologies and business models through the form of the 5G entire industry chain. At the same time, the 5G Global Conference China 2021 (5G China) will gather global 5G operators and cutting-edge manufacturers through a high-end international conference format to provide participants with the latest insights on 5G technology and the market.

Eight hot technology predictions for 2021: 5G is the foundation, and the edge will quickly develop

  Car electronics smug

Due to the epidemic, the automotive market declined in the first half, but the increasing demand for automotive electronics, electrification, and new technologies has brought about a shortage of goods. Including the rapid progress of ADAS, autonomous driving, Internet of Vehicles, in-car infotainment, and electric vehicles, it can be foreseen that the automotive market next year will be at least the automotive electronics industry, and it will still be hot.

According to TrendForce’s estimates, the global automotive chip production value will reach 18.67 billion U.S. dollars in 2020; it is expected to grow to 21 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, an annual growth rate of 12.5%. He also pointed out that a number of important automotive electronics companies are currently taking the lead in the next wave of smart cars through integration or cooperation. For example, NXP (NXP) has cooperated with Taiwan semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) for 5nm automotive processors; STMicroelectronics (ST) and Bosch (BOSCH) are cooperating to develop automotive microcontrollers; Infineon (Infineon) is completing the After the acquisition of Cypress, Cypress’s automotive NOR Flash and microcontroller (MCU) have strengthened the integrity of Infineon’s automotive-related solutions.

During the 2021 ELEXCON Electronics Exhibition and Embedded System Exhibition, the automotive electronics technology zone, the 5G Internet of Vehicles Conference, and the 2nd China Sharing (Charging) Power Exchange Industry Ecological Conference will focus on autonomous driving, Internet of Vehicles and electric vehicle technology, and charging piles. , The hot topics of power exchange system start from the realization of the lowest level technology to help the development of intelligent, electrified and electrified automobile industry.

Eight hot technology predictions for 2021: 5G is the foundation, and the edge will quickly develop

Chinachip assists domestic substitution

The output value of China’s semiconductor industry in 2020 is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan. Although its share in the global semiconductor market continues to grow, we are still in a weak link in some key, core, and high value-added products. In the entire industry chain including IP, EDA tools, design, packaging and testing, we still have to continue to move towards a higher level and achieve breakthroughs in local technology.

In the 2021 ELEXCON Electronics Exhibition and Embedded System Exhibition China Core Pavilion, there are domestic IC design, IP, EDA tools, packaging and testing companies, displaying products based on my country’s independent intellectual property rights.

Eight hot technology predictions for 2021: 5G is the foundation, and the edge will quickly develop

AIoT reignites embedded

Aiming at the important computing requirements of artificial intelligence, more processors have integrated AI functions. In addition to Arm and X86, RISC-V has grown rapidly with its open source features. RISC-V’s technology community has grown to more than 50 technology and special interest groups, with more than 2,300 developers, a year-on-year increase of 66%. From the embedded to the entire computing field of the enterprise, RISC-V-based CPU cores, SoCs, development boards, software and tools have shown a significant growth momentum in the market. The number of foundation members has nearly doubled. There are currently more than 900 members, including 215 organizations from all over the world.

For wireless technology, in addition to 5G, other types of products have also made leapfrog progress in 2020, including new market technologies such as WiFi-6 and UWB, as well as Bluetooth, ZigBee, Lora, and NB-IoT. And so on, the evolution of technology has shown a situation where a hundred flowers bloom.

The RISC-V zone, IoT technology and solutions zone are the main hot zones of the Embedded and AIoT Technology Pavilion at the ELEXCON Electronics Show and Embedded System Show in 2021. Combining chips, network transmission and solutions, developers can change Quickly complete the development process from ideas to innovative products. IoT World China 2021, 2021 China Embedded Technology Conference ETCC and the 12th MCU Technology Innovation and Application Conference will focus on embedded AI technology, AIoT applications, and the Internet of Things from three levels: network services, system solutions, and chip technology. Key topics such as security and MCU ecological construction, in-depth analysis of the development opportunities of AIoT and embedded.

Eight hot technology predictions for 2021: 5G is the foundation, and the edge will quickly develop

  Advanced manufacturing packaging guarantee supply

This year’s global epidemic has caused blockades in many countries and shutdowns of factories. Coupled with the increase in demand for advanced processes, even the demand for relatively outdated processes is also saturated. The supply chain has undergone major changes, and the sound of shortages continues one after another. What is behind this is the value of manufacturing and packaging in the chip industry chain. Although 5nm production capacity is still in short supply, as Moore’s Law slows down, the industry is also thinking about how to continue Moore’s Law and provide better PPAP from other perspectives. The introduction of new technologies such as Chiplet, Fan-Out, FOWLP, HBM, SiP, etc. gives Moore’s Law a richer connotation.

At the 2021 ELEXCON Electronics Show and Embedded System Show Advanced Manufacturing and IC Packaging and Testing Zone and the 2021 China System-in-Package Conference, various popular trends about advanced manufacturing and packaging will be presented one by one, bringing together OSAT, EMS, OEM, IDM, fabless semiconductor design companies and silicon wafer foundries, as well as raw materials and equipment assembly and testing suppliers.

Eight hot technology predictions for 2021: 5G is the foundation, and the edge will quickly develop

  TWS and wearable red and blue ocean

Since Apple created the market for TWS (True Wireless Headphones), TWS has quickly become popular in the market thanks to its convenience, anytime, and other features. As a market that has changed from a blue ocean to a red ocean in just a few years, it is necessary to find more differentiated solutions, longer standby time, better touch/tap control, better sound quality, and higher integration. The differentiated development needs of TWS.

In addition to TWS, other wearable markets have also experienced fierce competition from wristbands and smart watches to the stage of differentiated demand. The introduction of technologies such as wireless charging, ultra-low power consumption, vital signs monitoring, and eSIM has brought a brand new explosion in the wearable market.

The 13th China International Medical Electronics Technology Conference (CMET2021), TWS and wearable technology zones and forums will be presented at the 2021 ELEXCON Electronics Show and Embedded System Exhibition at the same time, and discuss with experts how to stand out from the Red Sea market.

Eight hot technology predictions for 2021: 5G is the foundation, and the edge will quickly develop

 Power supply helps green energy-saving

Any electronic device is inseparable from the power supply. More than half of the damage of electronic products is caused by the power supply. However, due to the complexity of power supply technology, many companies lack sufficient design capabilities, so high integration, modularization, and digitization have become power supplies. The main development trend of the industry.

As the concept of sustainable green development takes root in the hearts of the people, the conversion efficiency of power sources is required to be higher and higher. In the field that traditional silicon devices cannot meet, semiconductor technology has begun to have a revolutionary development. The cost of photovoltaic power generation is close to the cost of traditional fossil fuels, and electric vehicles are expected to replace traditional fuel vehicles in the next ten years. This makes third-generation wide-bandgap semiconductors including silicon carbide and gallium nitride more and more popular in the market.

At the same time, including the development of radio frequency technology and the widespread popularity of fast charging technology, gallium nitride can play its value in various emerging markets.

In 2021 ELEXCON Electronics Show and Embedded System Exhibition will set up special areas for power supplies, power devices and third-generation semiconductors. When silicon and third-generation semiconductors are competing in the same field, you can compare these two types of products at the closest distance and choose for your application. The most suitable solution.

  Communicate the world and perceive the future

As one of the important ways to perceive the real world and transmit data to the digital world, sensors play an extremely important role today. From images to speed, from air quality to air pressure, from cars to human bodies, from mobile phones to industries, various sensor technologies have built the foundation for us to understand and transform the real world.

As an important micro-architecture in the sensor market, MEMS has so far expanded from consumer electronics to broader applications such as automobiles and smart industries.

The MEMS and sensor zone is also set up for the exchange of sensor technology in the 2021 ELEXCON Electronics Show and Embedded System Exhibition. It will showcase the products and applications of various smart sensors and build a smarter future together.

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