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Faraday Future acquires shares of Zhuhai state-owned assets, Geely may lead production

On January 27, it is reported that Zhuhai State-owned Assets invested 2 billion in Faraday Future (FF), and Zhuhai City has stepped up various preliminary preparations for the construction of production bases after the investment. After the Spring Festival, the speed of cooperation between all parties will be further accelerated. If all goes according to plan, FF will officially achieve mass production in China in the second half of 2022.

Work has been carried out in Zhuhai base, Geely may lead the production

A newly registered automobile company in Zhuhai a month ago is regarded as the beginning of a new round of domestic action by FF.

On December 14, 2020, “French Auto (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.” was incorporated in Zhuhai with a registered capital of US$250 million. The legal representative is Jia Chentao.

The company points directly to FF: Jia Chentao also serves as a supervisor of LeEco Eco-Car (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.; French-French Auto (Zhuhai) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FF Hong Kong Holdings Co., Ltd.

The above-mentioned people close to Evergrande and FF said that FF has obtained the support of Zhuhai to establish a “domestic production base” in Zhuhai. It is rumored that the investment of 30-40 million US dollars invested by Geely may be mainly used for production line construction.

Geely-LED FF Zhuhai factory is located in Jinwan District, Zhuhai City. The district put forward the goal of “building a national-level new energy vehicle manufacturing base” four years ago, and has implemented many new energy vehicle supporting systems.

“FF’s brand still has some appeal,” said one of them. Geely has multiple brands of new energy strategies, FF is eager to produce and deliver domestically, and the appeals of both parties tend to be the same in terms of “utilizing each other’s advantages to achieve resource integration”.

Another background is that Zhejiang Province, where Geely is headquartered, has previously tried to cooperate with LeEco. In 2016, LeEco Super Auto established LeEco Auto Industrial Park in Moganshan, Deqing County, Zhejiang Province.

It is reported that the first mass-produced model may be a simplified version of the FF 91 model. The simplified version is relatively cheap and mainly faces more mainstream people.

Breaking the boat and going to backdoor listing FF 91 is scheduled to start mass production soon?

Since the second half of 2020, with the founder Jia Yueting completing his personal bankruptcy application and resigning as the CEO of FF, FF has a tendency to “break the boat”. After appointing electric vehicle specialist Dr. Bi Fukang, who built the BMW i8 in September, as global CEO, it announced in October that it plans to go public soon through a reverse merger with a special acquisition company (SPAC).

At the time, Bi Fukang said the company would deliver its first electric luxury SUV, the FF 91, nine months after securing financing, and start mass production 12 months after such a deal. According to it, the company finally decided to use a contract manufacturer in Asia to produce the FF 91. With the exposure of its cooperation with Geely, it seems that the FF 91 generation industry and commerce will come to a conclusion.

Although FF 91 still only exists on the official website and PPT, in any case, as the mass production schedule becomes clear, compared to this time last year, FF’s future has seen a glimmer of light.

It is worth mentioning that the product introduction of FF 91, which has been hanging on the FF official website for a long time, has also undergone some changes recently. According to the official website, the FF 91 is its first mass-produced car and flagship model, which can achieve autonomous driving and seamless interconnection.

In terms of performance, the FF 91 is equipped with three motors, 0-60 mph acceleration in just 2.39 seconds, equipped with 1050 horsepower, dynamic vehicle control, and can travel 300+ miles (EPA) per charge. According to its introduction, the lithium ion of the FF 91 Ion battery cells have the highest energy density in the world, almost twice that of other mass-produced electric vehicle batteries.

Under the current trend of intelligence, FF naturally does not want to lose to its competitors. According to its introduction, FF 91 has designed artificial intelligence and user interaction to be as intuitive and convenient as possible, and includes a wide range of driving preferences and content choices in the driver’s exclusive FFID profile. , in addition to the identification function, the machine learning ability has also been further strengthened.

In addition, the official website has opened the FF 91 reservation window, and the booker needs to pay a deposit of 50,000 yuan in advance. The official website said that the reservation can be cancelled at any time before the vehicle sales contract is signed, and the deposit will be fully refunded.

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