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Former Vice Presidents of Synopsys and Intel joined the domestic chip company

On January 18, Xinyaohui Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinyaohui”) announced the appointment of Mr. Anwar Awad as the global president of Xinyaohui, with overall responsibility for technology and product strategy implementation, management of international R&D teams, and Lead the company’s M&A strategy.

According to the data, Anwar has more than 30 years of experience in R&D and product management of the world’s top companies in the semiconductor industry. He has successively served as the global R&D vice president of Synopsys (Synopsys) and the global vice president of Intel (Intel), managing a global R&D team of more than 1,500 people.

In addition, Anwar has successfully established a multinational customer technical support and project management team, and promoted the implementation of cutting-edge technical concepts such as reliability testing, burn-in testing and system-wide certification of IP products. The advanced process IP products he is responsible for are highly praised by many chip manufacturers around the world, and have created a 150-fold business growth for the company, creating a paradigm for IP global business.

As the “raw material” of chip design, IP is the core field of the chip design industry chain. Like EDA and lithography, it is the core hard technology of high-tech strategy. As a company focusing on the R&D and sales of advanced semiconductor IP, enabling chip design and system applications, Xinyaohui serves various important fields of the digital society, including data centers, smart cars, high-performance computing, 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence Smart, consumer electronics, etc.

At present, Xinyaohui is developing advanced process IP covering 14/12nm and below, and the products will cover DDR, PCIe, HDMI, USB, SATA, MIPI, 56G/112G Serdes Interface. In addition, Xinyaohui and Synopsys have reached an exclusive in-depth strategic cooperation – Synopsys exclusively authorizes some IP products of Xinyaohui. It is understood that Xinyaohui’s products and services have entered the market, the first batch of orders has been delivered, and sales of tens of millions of yuan have been achieved.

Regarding Anhua’s joining, Xin Yaohui said that with Mr. Anhua’s joining, Xin Yaohui was able to accelerate the pace of global deployment, and comprehensively speed up the research and development and product layout of advanced chip IP technology.

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