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Goertek has reached a long-term cooperation agreement with Shanghai Taisiwei!Dedicated SoC promotes the development of TWS headsets

On December 11, 2020, Goertek Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Goertek”) and Shanghai Taixi Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Taixi Microelectronics”) signed a long-term cooperation framework agreement and chip cooperation development at the headquarters of Goertek Agreement and Purchase Framework Agreement. According to the agreement, Goertek and Taisil Micro will carry out long-term close cooperation on Goertek’s full range of products including TWS headsets, AR/VR, wearable devices, etc. The two parties combine their respective advantages to jointly define and develop a series of dedicated system-on-chip (SoC). This cooperation has opened up a broader development space for both parties.

In the context of the complex international situation, the localization of chips is an inevitable trend in the development of the domestic information industry. This cooperation between Goertek and TexMicro has created a new benchmarking paradigm. Excellent product R&D and manufacturing companies and chip design companies have complementary long-term strategic advantages, which will not only help accelerate the development of domestic chip companies, but also provide more core competitiveness for product R&D and manufacturing companies, thereby enhancing the entire industrial chain of Chinese companies. international competitiveness is of great significance.

Yu Dachao, Senior Vice President of Goertek Group, Jian Xiuchun, Vice President of Supply Chain of Goertek Group, Zhang Jinguo, Dean of Goertek Research Institute, Hu Minghui, Director of R&D Department of Goertek, Xiong Haifeng, Founder and Chairman of Taisil Micro, Deputy Sales President Zheng Lefeng and senior marketing director Feng Linhua attended the signing ceremony.

Yu Dachao, senior vice president of Goertek Group, said: “Taixi Microelectronics has a very experienced R&D team and outstanding product development capabilities on special SoC chips. Based on the product roadmap, the two parties will combine the company’s precision manufacturing and processing advantages. Explore the mode of linkage with the upstream and downstream of chip companies. I hope this cooperation can achieve the results of technological innovation, and at the same time further enhance the competitiveness of products and solutions, and achieve the goal of vertical integration of business.”

Xiong Haifeng, founder and chairman of Taisilver, commented: “Goertek and Taisilver have a common vision and strong complementarity in long-term development planning. This cooperation with Goertek has created a Chinese semiconductor design enterprise to explore. The first of a new business model. With the arrival of the wave of localization, domestic chip companies should move more towards the cooperation model of upstream and downstream linkage, based on the market and application, take the route of innovation and differentiation, and develop the most correct in the shortest time. products, and promote the development of a healthier and more sustainable semiconductor industry. Taixi Microelectronics is very happy to cooperate with an excellent domestic innovative high-tech enterprise like Goertek to jointly promote a greater growth space for domestic high-end consumer Electronic products. “

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