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Heavy, AMD may acquire Xilinx, the transaction value may exceed 30 billion US dollars

On October 9, it was reported that AMD, the US processor giant, is trying to acquire the chip maker Xilinx, and the transaction value may exceed 30 billion US dollars. This will be another blockbuster acquisition in the semiconductor industry following Nvidia’s acquisition of Arm.

A deal could be reached as soon as next week, according to people familiar with the matter, but there is no guarantee it will happen, especially given that talks had stalled and were only recently restarted.

According to the data, Xilinx is the inventor of FPGA, programmable SoC and ACAP. FPGA can be reprogrammed after production, which can speed up tasks such as artificial intelligence and 5G telecom base stations, from consumer electronics to automotive electronics to the cloud.

AMD is the world’s leading chip designer and manufacturer. Its CPU, GPU, motherboard chipsets and other products cover various fields such as computers, communications and consumer electronics.

As we all know, FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is one of the four high-end chips (CPU, DSP, memory, FPGA). FPGA is a semi-customized and programmable integrated circuit, which is more flexible than application-specific integrated circuits (such as ASIC chips), and a larger number of circuits can be added to traditional programmable devices to achieve multiple functions. Due to the characteristics of buying first and then designing, FPGA chips are widely used in prototype verification, communications, automotive electronics, industrial control, aerospace, data centers and other fields.

Industry analysts believe that AMD’s acquisition of Xilinx is logical, and the combination of CPU, GPU and FPGA capabilities is the future of the chip. At present, AMD and Xilinx have not made any response to this.