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Infineon and China Automotive Center Automotive Engineering Research Institute jointly release test case library for automotive control chip functional safety software

[February 1, 2021, Shanghai, China]Infineon Technologies and China Automotive Research Institute (Tianjin) Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. (“Engineering Institute”) jointly released the Infineon AurixTM microcontroller based on a virtualization platform today. Device functional safety test platform. The platform will help OEMs and auto parts suppliers to complete software testing and verification of automotive functional safety designs more efficiently and at lower cost.

With the rapid development of vehicle electrification, intelligence, and networking, while the number of Electronic control units (ECUs) in the vehicle continues to increase, the functional safety level has become the core evaluation index of key ECUs. The on-board control chip (MCU) is the brain of the ECU, and its software design is crucial to the realization of system functional safety. The functional safety test case library jointly developed by Infineon and the Academy of Engineering uses the Synopsys Virtualization Development Kit (Synopsys VDK) to perform fault simulation injection into the chip behavior-level model through software. Compared with the traditional real fault construction method for hardware, the software method will greatly improve the test coverage, efficiency and flexibility, reduce the overall cost of MCU functional safety software testing and verification, and provide OEMs and component manufacturers with MCU functional safety. Software testing and verification provides a new methodology.

Infineon’s Aurix series is the world’s first MCU that complies with the ISO 26262:2018 version of the ASIL-D functional safety standard. So far, more than 50 car brands have adopted this series of products, which are very suitable for universal functional safety design. And test and verify the hardware foundation of the software.

Cao Yanfei, Senior Vice President of Infineon Technologies Greater China and Head of Automotive Electronics Business Unit, said: “As the world’s largest supplier of automotive semiconductors, Infineon continues to work hard in the field of automotive system security. Industrialization of local design. The cooperation between us and the Automotive Engineering Research Institute of China Automotive Industry Corporation will boost the development and testing technology of vehicle chip functional safety into the stage of large-scale application, and escort the future intelligent travel.”

Mr. Gao Jidong, Dean of the Academy of Engineering, said: “The Automotive Engineering Research Institute of the China Automobile Center actively explores automotive safety technology, adheres to the automotive industry chain, realizes high-end R&D supply through continuous technological innovation, and strives to create a ‘high-end systemization, innovation internationalization, and platform ecology. ‘Infineon’s industry R&D platform to build a world-class automotive engineering technology service enterprise with global competitiveness. At the same time, we look forward to cooperating with Infineon, a global automotive chip leader, to strengthen the implementation of the functional safety business of microcontroller chips. “

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