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Israeli Defense Ministry ‘classified’ information leaked by hackers

According to Russian media RT, a mysterious hacker group calling itself the “Rod of Moses” has openly leaked important information from the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

The Rod of Moses reportedly posted on its website and Telegram a cache of photos and data it claimed were stolen during a cyberattack on the Israeli military, including a series of daily photos of Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

The Rod of Moses said they obtained a large amount of “classified documents” about the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Gantz himself. “We’ve been watching you for years, watching your every move, and all your decisions and statements are under our watch. Ultimately, we’ll hit you in ways you didn’t expect.” The group has vowed to release more classified information to “expose the crimes of the Israeli authorities to the world”.

None of the photos released were sensitive, and most were of Gantz meeting his comrades and performing other mundane tasks, according to reports. There is also a photo of a copy of a personal letter that Gantz allegedly sent to a colleague in the Jordanian armed forces in 2010, in which Gantz thanked him for his “support and friendship.”

Not only that, the organization also leaked personal data of Wehrmacht soldiers and related personnel of the Ministry of Defense, including names, phone numbers, home addresses, ID numbers, etc.

While the Ministry of Defense was not attacked, Israel’s National Cyber ​​Security Agency issued a notice on October 27, local time, saying that some Microsoft software had potential vulnerabilities. “We call on organizations to update Microsoft releases to address these weaknesses, which are simple, free, and reduce the risk of these types of attacks.”

In addition to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the group reportedly hacked multiple organizations, including Israel’s postal service and several other businesses, according to a section of the Wand of Moses website labeled “activity.” In total, the group said it compromised more than 165 servers and 254 websites and collected more than 11TB of data.

At this time, the veracity of the group’s claims cannot be verified, and it is unclear how the group obtained any material posted on its website. While there have been reports that the group is Iranian, as of now, there is no evidence of the group’s nationality.

Earlier this week, Iran reportedly carried out a major cyberattack targeting “smart fuel pumps” at gas stations across the country, causing them to shut down. While Iranian officials said the outage was the result of a cyberattack, they did not name them.

As the United States launched negotiations to return to the Iran nuclear deal after Biden took office, Israel, an ally of the United States, continued to put pressure on the United States to prevent the United States from returning to the Iran nuclear deal. In this context, Israel and Iran have been fighting one after another. Now that the Israeli Ministry of Defense has been hacked, it is not surprising that some have speculated that it was by Iran.

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