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Leading the government cloud and public cloud market Tianyi Cloud empowers the digital transformation of the industry

Recently, “Internet Weekly” released the 2021 China Government Cloud Rankings. Tianyi Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Inspur Cloud, Ziguang Cloud, Suguang Cloud, Mobile Cloud, China Electronics Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Pingao Cloud, and Tencent Cloud are among the top ten. Tianyi Cloud continues to lead the government cloud market. According to the latest IDC report “China Public Cloud Service Market (First Half of 2021) Tracking”, China Telecom Tianyi Cloud ranks fourth in the public cloud service market in China, with a market share of 9.6% in the public cloud IaaS market, and public cloud IaaS+ The PaaS market share was 8.3%, and the share achieved continuous growth in the first half of the year.

In recent years, Tianyi Cloud has taken advantage of cloud-network integration to help the digital transformation of the industry. Especially after Tianyi Cloud is fully upgraded to Tianyi Cloud 4.0, it has realized the capabilities of one cloud with multiple states, one cloud with multiple cores, one cloud network, and consistent architecture. Relying on 5G + industry cloud + AI, it focuses on social management, public services, and ecological environment. , Economic adjustment and other industries go to the cloud, empowering the digital transformation of all walks of life.

Tianyi Cloud becomes a strong leader in the government cloud market

Since “Accelerating Digital Development and Building a Digital China” was proposed, Tianyi Cloud has seized the opportunity, increased its investment in cloud network infrastructure, and deeply cultivated the field of government cloud. According to public data, Tianyi Cloud currently hosts more than 20 provincial government cloud, more than 300 prefecture-level government cloud, participated in the construction of more than 1,000 smart city projects, and at the same time assisted the digital transformation of many central enterprises, large and small enterprises .

In Heilongjiang, Tianyi Cloud helped its provincial government affairs “one cloud” construction, breaking the “data chimney” and “information island”, and cooperated with the Heilongjiang Provincial Business Environment Construction Supervision Bureau to jointly build the “Heilongjiang Provincial Government Cloud Platform” “, allowing Heilongjiang to realize the transition from “mass running” to “data running”; in Xiong’an, Tianyi Cloud has built a safe, credible and reliable government cloud platform for it, and established an application system with “full domain coverage and interconnection of everything” The system has greatly improved the level of intelligence in the areas of modern office, urban management, public transportation, corporate credit system and social credit system construction in the new district…

Nowadays, digital government has many successful cases across the country. Tianyi Cloud is always deepening “Internet + government services” with “5G + cloud” technology, helping government departments to improve the level of online service, and using digital technology to assist government decision-making and management, and comprehensively improve The ability of government services to provide affordable and common people’s lives.

Brand new upgrade, empowering the digital transformation of thousands of industries

In the post-epidemic era, people’s work and life have gradually stabilized, and the digital transformation needs of enterprises have become more and more urgent. In order to meet the transformational needs of all sectors, Tianyi Cloud has been fully upgraded to Tianyi Cloud 4.0. At the Tianyi Cloud Forum of the 2021 International Digital Technology Exhibition and Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo held some time ago, the newly upgraded Tianyi Cloud 4.0 distributed cloud was officially unveiled, which is expected to help thousands of industries in China to achieve digital transformation.

At present, innovative applications of “5G + Tianyi Cloud” have landed one after another. For example, in the field of smart transportation, Guangzhou Rapid Transit Construction Co., Ltd. and Tianyi Cloud have worked together to create technical means that integrate big data, 5G applications, and cloud computing, integrating digital twin systems, intelligent toll robots, and islandless toll lanes. An innovative application of intelligent transportation construction to an integrated modern intelligent toll station; In the industrial field, Tianyi Cloud cooperated with Red Lion Cement Group to realize efficient intelligent production control and improve equipment operation rate by virtue of 5G+AI capabilities and machine vision analysis technology. In the agricultural sector, in Caocun, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Tianyi Cloud has achieved precise prevention and control of crop pests and diseases through 5G drones + AI, from the original manual periodic inspection to automation Second-level recognition, the accuracy rate exceeds 93%.

“AI+Cloud”, cloud-network integration, and digital transformation of government and enterprises will become important driving factors for the public cloud industry. In this new blue ocean of digitalization, Tianyi Cloud will further deepen the implementation of the “5G + Cloud + AI” strategy, accelerate the independent innovation and research and development of new technologies, and comprehensively promote the vigorous development of the digital economy.

Efforts to build “Tianyi Cloud Security Cloud”

The big wave of digital transformation has come, and data security, as the “cornerstone” of the digital age, is a “must choice” for the digital transformation of government and enterprise industries. Today’s governments and enterprises have reached an unprecedented level of safety, credibility and reliability. Cloud infrastructure carries massive amounts of data and applications, and security and credibility have become the lifeblood of today’s cloud service providers.

For a long time, Tianyi Cloud has continued to ensure that cloud services meet regulatory requirements, security and high quality, and continue to improve the level of safe operation of cloud facilities to meet the country and society’s needs for cloud network security.

In order to create the “E-Surfing Cloud Security Cloud”, E-Surfing Cloud self-developed data security management platform, which has data security capabilities such as sensitive data identification, data classification and classification, data desensitization, export data anomaly detection, audit monitoring and early warning, etc., which can realize the platform Monitoring and defense of core data. At the same time, based on the data security management platform, Tianyi Cloud has also created a cloud platform security solution, taking national laws, regulations and industry standards as the main line, and building a complete management system through the closed-loop operation of “management + technology + operation”. And through unified operation indicators to implement normalized operations, it has achieved a spiral improvement in safety governance capabilities.

As major domestic enterprises and institutions have made a series of breakthroughs in the fields of processors, operating systems, and databases, it has become an industry consensus to create secure and reliable cloud services. In the future, Tianyi Cloud will continue to build and provide secure and reliable cloud services, and work with partners to jointly contribute to the construction of a smart society and digital China.

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