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MiDrone Children’s Watch 2S, intelligently protect children’s health

In this article, the editor will introduce a new smart watch from Xiaomi today – Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 2S. What is its specific situation? Let’s take a look.

Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 2S is equipped with a 1.3-inch dazzling color Display with capacitive touch and a resolution of 240×240. It adopts a new generation of dial body with a thickness of only 1.23cm. It is specially designed for children with a round and soft appearance, which is more comfortable to wear. It supports IPX8 waterproof, and you don’t need to take off the watch when you wash your hands or play in the water.

MiDrone Children’s Watch 2S supports 7-position positioning, supports AI real-time positioning, and can achieve indoor positioning of 4000+ large shopping malls, high-speed railway stations, airports, etc.

The watch also has a built-in Xiao Ai classmate, with an AI intelligent question and answer voice system, chatting, playing music, encyclopedia question and answer…all one sentence can be done. At the same time, it supports anti-disturbance in class. After parents enable the settings on the MiDrone APP, the watch can only check the time and send SOS for help.

In terms of battery life, it has a built-in 600mAh high-density lithium polymer battery, and with the newly upgraded low-power smart chip + Xiaoxun AI intelligent software power-saving algorithm, it can achieve 7-day long standby.

The above is what I want to share with you this time, I hope you like this article. Finally, thank you very much for reading.

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