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Mouser and NXP Launch New Ebook Exploring the Unlimited Potential of Artificial Intelligence

February 19, 2020 – Mouser Electronics today announced a new e-book, in partnership with NXP Semiconductors, that explores the limitless potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and several new technologies for AI and machine learning ( ML) solution specific products. In the ebook Imagine the Possibilities, experts from Mouser and NXP provide in-depth analysis of popular and sensitive AI applications, including voice control, facial recognition, autonomous driving, and object recognition.

Recent developments in the field of AI and ML have brought many breakthrough innovations to technologies, products and industries. As high-performance processing moves from the cloud to the edge, bandwidth requirements drop, opening up opportunities for applications such as industrial, automotive, and Internet of Things (IoT) to develop entirely new solutions. This eBook from Mouser and NXP explains the current state of AI and ML, while also highlighting where the industry is headed and solutions for the future.

Products such as NXP’s S32V2 vision processor, Layerscape® communications processor, and i.MX 8M applications processor are also detailed in the Imagine the Possibilities book. NXP’s engineers and product experts provide valuable tips and information on how to apply AI to various industries, as well as point out the steps and components needed to design the perfect solution. The articles included in this eBook also discuss the NXP eIQ™ ML software development environment, which includes an inference engine, neural network compiler, and optimizer libraries, and the Layerscape Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides a versatile platform Let developers test different AI/ML software combinations.

Mouser offers a variety of NXP products, including development platforms, high-performance processors and Freeway evaluation boards, so developers can choose the right components for their ML solutions. To learn more about NXP, please visit: https://www.mouser.cn/manufacturer/nxp-semiconductors/. To read this new ebook, please visit: https://www.mouser.cn/news/nxp-ai-ebook-2019/mobile/index.html.

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