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Not just masks, Honeywell’s powerful industrial decoding equipment accelerates the resumption of work

The resumption of work and production requires masks and other anti-epidemic materials, and it is even more necessary to accelerate the construction of automation. However, the construction of smart factories and the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises are not only accomplished by introducing a few automated production lines. In order to ensure the normal operation of the assembly line, it is also necessary to solve the problem of accurately identifying and locating each product. This requires the use of bar code information technology to attach a unique DPM (Direct Part Mark) bar code to the surface of the components on the assembly line, supplemented by code reading equipment, in order to achieve real-time tracking and accurate positioning of components. Honeywell’s powerful industrial decoding equipment HF800 not only has strong DPM decoding ability, but also can accurately identify barcodes in high-speed pipelines.

Honeywell Industrial DPM Code Reader HF800

Different from the common square or rectangular parts, on the production line of a well-known brand winery in China, various cylindrical wine bottles are flying at high speed, and the barcode attached to the bottle cap or bottle will always shift, and the conventional code reading The equipment is difficult to scan the production line. After the introduction of Honeywell’s industrial-grade DPM code reader HF800, the problem was solved! Through network scanning, HF800 effectively solves the problem of missing scanning that is easy to occur on the wine assembly line, reads barcodes quickly and accurately from multiple angles and distances, ensures the efficient and accurate operation of the assembly line, and reduces operating costs. At the same time, the networking can ensure that the barcodes of the wine bottle and the wine box are paired and sent together, avoiding the problem of misplaced mixing of bottles/boxes caused by non-networking.

HF800 not only supports the mainstream industrial equipment on the market, but also reserves space for the upgrade of production lines, not afraid of changes in customer needs. The high adaptability also allows manufacturing companies to upgrade their production lines without repurchasing equipment, reducing the cost of production line upgrades and making their digital transformation more cost-effective.

The pain of the epidemic is both a challenge and an opportunity. It is imminent for the manufacturing industry to accelerate the construction of smart factories and realize the digital transformation and upgrading of the supply chain. If labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises can seize this opportunity and turn the painful period into a golden period for transformation and upgrading, they will be able to gradually shift from low-cost competition to establishing differentiated competitive advantages, develop into technology-intensive enterprises, and improve risk response. competence and competitiveness.

In the future, Honeywell will continue to provide the market with end-to-end smart supply chain solutions from manufacturing plants to retail terminals, helping enterprises to accelerate the pace of building smart factories, so as to clearly and systematically grasp raw materials, labor, production capacity, logistics, and markets. According to the demand and other conditions, to achieve precise calculation, reasonable production scheduling, and close connection with the demand. We have always been committed to helping all walks of life improve their supply chain management capabilities, realize digital transformation and upgrading, empower enterprises to improve their ability to resist risks, and turn crises into opportunities.

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