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Plug in 5G wings for people’s livelihood services and social governance in Xiong’an New District

In recent years, the construction of smart cities has ushered in a development boom in various parts of the country. When smart city construction is plugged into the wings of 5G, what kind of leap will it usher in?

Since the opening of the first 5G test station in 2017, China Mobile has opened about 500 5G base stations in Xiongan New Area, and completed the deployment of 5G livelihood services and social governance application demonstration projects, focusing on the two major businesses of environmental protection guards and Ping An comprehensive management management , To promote the construction of a smart city in Xiongan New District.

The environmental protection satellite monitoring platform is based on the 5G network, based on the “Internet of Things + Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Big Data” cutting-edge technology, combined with high-definition cameras, air detection sensors, 5G drones and other intelligent terminals to achieve 7 *24-hour real-time monitoring, which can effectively locate and trace the source of pollution, pollution trajectory, etc. The platform is capable of carrying 100 channels of high-definition video fixed-position surveillance cameras, 2 channels of drone cameras, and 20 channels of air quality monitoring micro-stations. It also has real-time air quality monitoring data presentation, real-time monitoring management, drone video management, and pollution incidents. Automatic alarm and other functions.

The Environmental Guardian platform faces environmental protection departments at all levels, and has changed the traditional law enforcement model that relies on personnel for environmental pollution investigation and evidence collection, and provides accurate and efficient video forensics. 5G edge computing processes and analyzes real-time video and various data information nearby, automatically recognizes and warns unauthorized discharges, abnormal discharges, etc., and aggregates and outputs visual analysis results. This will make environmental protection supervision simpler and more efficient, help environmental protection management departments at all levels realize comprehensive, refined and precise environmental protection supervision, and provide effective support for the location of pollution sources and the evaluation of pollution control effects.

As the first batch of 5G application demonstration projects in the country, the project solves the industry pain points of comprehensive management of the environmental protection industry with large regulatory areas, complex regulatory content, and low accuracy of personnel transfer. It fully reflects the advantages of 5G network high speed, low latency, and large connections. , Realized a new round of technological and application innovation in the field of ecological construction and comprehensive management in the field of environmental protection.

Ping An’s comprehensive management platform realizes public security three-dimensional monitoring and public security mobile law enforcement scene applications, with carrying access to 200 high-definition video point monitoring cameras, 2 drone cameras, 1 police patrol car video, and 50 smart mobile phone customers End capabilities.

Relying on 5G high-speed transmission channels, combined with AR technology, integrating multi-dimensional perception data such as ground low-point outdoor monitoring, vehicle law enforcement, face bayonet, vehicle bayonet, group defense and group governance APP, drones, etc., is constructed on the “real scene map” A comprehensive high-, medium-, and low-level three-dimensional prevention and control system that provides a comprehensive overview and control of details forms a real-time command and comprehensive visualization platform for three-dimensional monitoring, multi-dimensional linkage, grid management, and “four standards and four real” displays. It can realize 4K video real-time monitoring, drone monitoring, portrait recognition, vehicle recognition and other functions.

The comprehensive management platform of Ping An can be widely used in public security, fire protection, urban management, communities, etc., to create a city-level monitoring network and comprehensive management information application platform that meets the requirements of the “Shen Liang Project”, so as to realize comprehensive management of Ping An 4K video, pictures, The massive transmission of information shortens the response and handling time of command and dispatch incidents, and comprehensively improves the comprehensive management and public security prevention and control level of Xiongan New Area, thereby improving the level of urban management and benefiting people’s livelihood.

The demonstration of 5G livelihood services and social governance applications will provide technical samples and lay a good foundation for the in-depth integration of 5G and the government industry, promote the application of 5G industrialization results, and realize the efficiency and quality improvement of livelihood services and social governance.

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