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Power loss protection products preserve data integrity during outages

Cervoz Technology has released two families of power loss protection products, the M336 and T376, to ensure that companies and their data are defended against the threat of unexpected power outage. These families of Powerguard storage solutions offer further power when the power goes out to complete the flash write operation in progress and, therefore, protect data integrity.

This past year alone, the world has seen more and more power outages due to natural disasters and other unexpected operation failures. To protect against power outages, businesses use backup generators. However, in that instant, between the powers going out and the generators turning on, they demand something to make sure the ongoing data transmission and storage can safely and successfully occur.

The company developed its power loss protection technology, especially for situations such as this. How this works is that Cervoz Flash products with the Powerguard have built-in tantalum capacitors storing extra power. When the module’s controller senses that the power supply is under a certain, predetermined level, it will notify the host to first and foremost stop sending more data. Although data transmission has stopped, data will persist in the DRAM, so this is when the capacitors will give the power required to allow the remaining data to be flushed out to NAND. In doing so, the Powerguard shields both the firmware and the mapping table simultaneously, and hence data integrity is preserved.

Both product families feature the Powerguard. The former utilises MLC technology, while the latter TLC technology. Each comes in the SSD, mSATA, and M.2 2280 form factors for many application needs. With the storage module, customers can relax in the knowledge that they have taken care of the last step in power outage protection.