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Propaganda goes against the facts, CoreLink claims to file arbitration against LoongArch

On June 2, Shanghai Xinlianxin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinlianxin”) issued an official statement, saying that in the first quarter of 2021, according to the agreement with Godson Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Loongson Zhongke”). The dispute resolution mechanism stipulated in the agreement signed by the Company”) officially initiated legal arbitration proceedings against Loongson Zhongke, which has now entered the trial stage.

Loongson Zhongke’s “complete abandonment of MIPS” related propaganda goes against the facts

The statement stated that the propaganda content recently published by Loongson Zhongke on the online platform, such as “completely abandoning the MIPS release independent command system”, is seriously inconsistent with the actual situation. The business reputation of the partner has had a negative impact.

According to public information, Shanghai Xinlianxin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. Its main business is independent controllable and domestic alternative solutions for central processing units (CPUs) and various integrated circuit intellectual property rights, and from chip design to manufacturing. Full process service. Since 2019, Chiplink has obtained the exclusive, permanent and irrevocable operation rights of MIPS in China (including Hong Kong and Macau), and has undertaken all licensing contracts of MIPS in China (including Loongson Zhongke), as well as all its Technology and derivable research and development rights are the only right party in China that can achieve independent and controllable MIPS technology in compliance with regulations. In 2021, Chiplink expects to sell more than 100 million technology-authorized chip products.

Godson Zhongke has signed a number of technology licensing agreements with MIPS in the past, and the authorization is limited to a certain version of the MIPS architecture or some of its units, and cannot be modified, increased or decreased, or used without authorization. However, after Chiplink obtained the exclusive right to operate MIPS technology in China, it was found that Godson Zhongke had not fulfilled the contract for many years, including failing to pay Chiplink the royalties for the technology authorization on time and in full according to the contract.

According to relevant sources, in 2020, Chiplink asked Godson Zhongke to conduct a review according to the contract, but Godson Zhongke failed to cooperate to resolve the dispute.Since LoongISA released LoongISA in 2015, LoongISA has been insinuating that it is authorized by MIPS. Therefore, this lawsuit is a big surprise to Loongson’s customer base, because the use of Loongson products may involve the risk of being accused of intellectual property infringement.

Godson Zhongke “LoongArch” risks intellectual property infringement

The statement also mentioned that Godson Zhongke claimed to have independently developed LoongISA and the latest “LoongArch” instruction set in the past, but only released the cover and part of the source code of the “LoongArch” instruction set, which is difficult to have credibility. For example, Godson Zhongke claimed that the new “LoongArch” instruction set independently developed by the company or LoongISA in the past allegedly infringed the intellectual property rights of Chiplink, MIPS companies and related technologies in the same industry, which means that if the infringing instruction set is used in the product, it may be There is a risk of being implicated in allegations of intellectual property infringement.

To protect intellectual property is to protect innovation. But it is undeniable that, in the era of knowledge innovation, only technological innovation under the premise of abiding by laws and respecting intellectual property rights is truly “independent and controllable” innovation.Facing the global market, enterprises should conduct research, development and development of independent and controllable technologies under the premise of legal compliance, and enterprises should cooperate with the industry, users and all sectors of society.Together, we are committed to the independent control, development and innovation of China’s semiconductor industry.

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