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Smart grid will be an important driver of energy transition

The first Boao Smart Grid International Forum was held in Boao, Hainan. Chen Yunpeng, a member of the party group and deputy general manager of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd., pointed out in his keynote speech that electricity is the most convenient and efficient way to use renewable energy, and it is the central link of energy transformation. development, smart grid will become an important driving force and key support for a new round of energy transformation.

“China Southern Power Grid scientifically plans the development path of smart grid and carries out top-level design,” according to Chen Yunpeng, in April 2018, the company issued the “China Southern Power Grid Smart Grid Development Planning Research Report”, and systematically designed a smart grid development architecture system to meet customer needs Demand is the center to create a “safe, reliable, green and efficient” smart grid. At the same time, we will strengthen planning and guidance, formulate the company’s three-year smart grid implementation action plan, the province’s “13th Five-Year” smart grid construction implementation plan, the special plan for the deep integration of artificial intelligence and business development, and the Hainan and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area smart grid construction plans; adhere to Combining points and aspects, 20 special plans for smart grid demonstration zones have been formulated and implemented, covering provincial comprehensive demonstrations, prefecture-level overall demonstrations, park-level key demonstrations, and rural county-specific demonstrations.

Chen Yunpeng said that China Southern Power Grid will accelerate the promotion of smart grid innovation practices, develop clean and excellent power generation, safe and efficient power transmission and transformation, flexible and reliable power distribution, and diverse and interactive power consumption, build smart energy and energy Internet, and build comprehensive communication. Network system, efficient and interactive scheduling and control system, integrated and shared information platform and comprehensive technical support system.

In recent years, China Southern Power Grid’s energy structure transformation has achieved remarkable results. It is understood that in 2018, the company added 15 million kilowatts of non-fossil energy installed capacity, and the entire network of non-fossil energy installed capacity reached 175 million kilowatts, accounting for 53.4% ​​of the total installed capacity; power generation was 611.8 billion kilowatt hours, accounting for 51.5% of the total power generation. , the proportion of non-fossil energy electricity has exceeded 50% for three consecutive years.

In terms of power transmission and transformation, Chen Yunpeng introduced that China Southern Power Grid’s main network configuration capability has been continuously enhanced. The Northwest Yunnan DC project was completed and put into operation. The maximum power transmission capacity of West-to-East Power Transmission exceeds 50 million kilowatts, and the cumulative power transmission exceeds 1.96 trillion kilowatt-hours. Started construction of Kunliulong DC (the world’s first UHV multi-terminal hybrid DC project) and Yungui interconnection project. At the same time, the intelligent level of power transmission and transformation has been continuously improved, and the full coverage of helicopter and drone inspections of important lines has been basically achieved; the construction of intelligent substations has been accelerated, and in accordance with the “intelligence of main equipment, modularization of primary systems, and integration of secondary systems” Principles, formulate “Intelligent Substation Design Technical Guidelines” and “Intelligent Substation Pilot Engineering Technology Principles” to promote 16 smart substation pilot projects.

In the field of power distribution, China Southern Power Grid has comprehensively strengthened the construction of urban and rural distribution networks. In 2018, the loop rate of distribution network lines reached 81%, and the power supply rate can be transferred to 74%. At the same time, it also accelerated the construction of distribution automation, and formulated the standard design and typical design of China Southern Power Grid. cost, promote the construction of smart micro-grids, and build smart grid demonstration areas at different levels. Among them, in Shenzhen Futian High Reliability Demonstration Zone, based on the typical wiring of the distribution network, a high-reliability technical solution that is replicable, scalable, and highly applicable has been formed. In 2018, the average power outage time for customers was only 2.5 minutes.

In addition, China Southern Power Grid is also actively building an innovative ecological community to promote the new development of smart grid. Chen Yunpeng pointed out that at present, the deep integration of advanced information technology, Internet concepts and the energy industry will promote the rise of new technologies, new industries, new models and new formats of smart grid, and will gradually open up energy flow, business flow, information flow and value flow. To promote the optimization and sharing of resources on a larger scale, and the complementary and synergistic technologies, all parties need to have an open and sharing mentality, extensive participation, joint exploration, mutual benefit and win-win, and build an innovation community and a new ecology. He further said, “Energy transition development and smart grid construction require extensive participation and exchanges and cooperation from all sectors of society to jointly build an innovative development ecosystem.”

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