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Strong demand for IGBT continues to increase prices, and the 8-inch production line accelerates the process of domestic substitution

On March 16th, since 2017, the power semiconductor market has been booming, and the supply and demand of power devices such as Diodes, MOS tubes, and IGBTs have been tight, resulting in prolonged delivery and several price increases.

Taking IGBT as an example, because the market is monopolized by a few suppliers such as Infineon, Mitsubishi, Fuji Electric, ON Semiconductor, etc., the shortage of stock and price increase has continued for a long time, and the industry even reported that the IGBT supply cycle has been extended to 52%. week.

With the overall decline in global semiconductor demand, the tight supply and demand situation has eased. According to the Q1 market report of Future Electronics in 2020, the current supply cycle of IGBT suppliers such as Infineon, ON Semiconductor, and Microsemi is generally maintained at about 13-30 weeks, and the delivery time is still prolonged, while the normal IGBT The lead time is around 7-8 weeks.

The price increase of upstream suppliers may only reduce profits for terminal manufacturers, but not getting the goods may be a fatal blow. At the same time, the continuous escalation of Sino-US trade frictions has made domestic customers pay more and more attention to the security of the supply chain, and the acceleration of domestic substitution has also become a breakthrough for domestic IGBT suppliers to open up the market.

As domestic power semiconductor companies compete to develop the IGBT market, the shortage of foundry resources is gradually changing.

Recently, SMIC Shaoxing successively signed a strategic cooperation agreement for power devices with Yangjie Technology and Jiejie Microelectronics, announcing in-depth cooperation in the R&D and production of MOSFET, IGBT and other related high-end power devices. According to the agreement, the average production of Yangjie Technology and Jiejie Microelectronics in SMIC Shaoxing in 2020 is not less than 2,000 pieces/month and 7,000 pieces/month respectively.

Liu Xuanjie, executive vice president of SMIC Shaoxing, said that SMIC Shaoxing’s Shanghai/Shenzhen production line started mass production as early as 2018. In December 2019, multiple product platforms in the production line of the Shaoxing factory entered mass production, including MOSFETs, IGBTs, and MEMS.

For a long time, only a few Fab factories such as Zhuzhou CRRC, Huahong Hongli, and Shanghai Advanced have been able to achieve mass production of IGBT products with 8-inch lines in China. In 2018, Silan Micro gradually built an 8-inch production line and successfully achieved mass production of IGBT products; SMIC’s Shaoxing production capacity has also been greatly opened; the 8-inch production line of Jita Semiconductor is expected to be put into production in the first quarter; BYD, China Microelectronics, China Resources Micro They have also announced the construction of 8-inch power semiconductor production lines.

According to industry insiders, at present, the domestic IGBT market demand is strong, domestic customers are gradually accepting domestic IGBTs, and domestic IGBT sales are also continuing to rise. With the large production capacity of domestic 8-inch Fab factories, domestic IGBT manufacturers will have more competitive advantages in terms of technology and cost, and the process of domestic substitution will also be accelerated.

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