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Taipower released a new high-end TBOLT series, tenth generation i7, “independent” style

/PRNewswire/ — Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer Taipower is known worldwide for its affordable tablets and laptops. Earlier this month, the company launched a new line of T.BOLT high-end laptops with the slogan “Speed, Exclusivity, Exploration.” Taipower has now launched the first product in the series, the Tbolt 10 DG. Taipower CEO Mr. Sun said: “By partnering with Intel, Taipower is entering an exciting new era.”

Tbolt 10 DG

The main feature of the Tbolt 10 DG is Intel’s exclusive Iris Xe Max graphics card, also known as DG1. This is Intel’s first discrete graphics card in decades. Besides Acer and Asus, Taipower is also one of the first partners to adopt this graphics card, marking Intel’s entry into the GPU (graphics processing unit) market currently dominated by AMD and Nvidia. The Iris Xe Max uses the new Xe architecture and will be equipped with 96 execution units and 4GB of 128bit LPDDR4X-4266 memory. This GPU is designed to provide an edge in content creation tasks such as video encoding and photo editing. Overall, its performance has a slight edge over Nvidia’s MX350.

On the CPU side, the Tbolt 10 DG is powered by an Intel Core i7-10510U processor. Built on a 14nm process, the processor has 4 cores and 8 threads and can be turbocharged to 4.9GHz. This is the first time Teclast has used a Core i7 processor, and it’s a big improvement over the low-power Intel Celeron processors the company has used before.

In terms of build and design, the Tbolt 10 DG features a nearly bezel-less 15.6-inch Display suitable for immersive gaming. Its all-metal chassis is thin and weighs just 1.8kg, which is really light for a 15-inch laptop. There are 2 fans and 2 heat pipes inside this laptop, which Teclast calls Surround Intake Cooling, which keeps the laptop cool under load.

Tbolt 10 DG has been launched on Chinese retail platform Pinduoduo and is expected to be available on Amazon, Aliexpress and Lazada in April.

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