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The notch screen on MacBook Pro is useless? For what reason?

The release of the M1 chip last year made the world see Apple’s ability and determination to develop its own chips. This year, to live up to expectations, Apple released two more chips, M1 Pro and M1 Max, that squeeze toothpaste, and put them on the MacBook Pro, known as the productivity artifact. notebook.

In addition to performance, another great change of the MacBook Pro is that its screen has become a notch shape. In fact, the news that it will be equipped with special-shaped bangs has been circulated before the release. Xiaohei still doesn’t believe it, but until this product is actually released, Xiaohei, like all netizens, is still surprised.

This bang is not another bang, the bangs on the MacBook Pro don’t seem to be useful?

Since the iPhone 12 has been transformed from a curved body to a right-angle design, Apple hopes to integrate the product line to make the design of subsequent Apple products tend to be unified. When it came to this year’s MacBook Pro, Apple also adopted the same strategy, not only the body became more square, but also the notch design. So is Apple’s move to unify the family design of the iPhone?

Maybe not. First of all, in terms of appearance, although the bangs of the MacBook Pro and iPhone are located in the center of the top of the screen, their edge curvatures are not the same: the MacBook Pro is more square, while the edge of the iPhone’s bangs is more rounded.

Secondly, don’t look at everyone calling it bangs, but it doesn’t actually have the effect of iPhone bangs. “The more you use the bangs on the iPhone, the more fragrant you have heard of it.” It’s not because everyone likes the “visual impact” brought by a notch on the screen, but because its built-in Face ID not only makes unlocking more convenient, Also makes unlocking more secure.

The bangs on the MacBook Pro are very different from the iPhone bangs. It does not have built-in Face ID, which means that users cannot use it to unlock the notebook with facial recognition. So what exactly is in this huge bangs? Can it bring a substantial improvement to the user’s experience?

In fact, only a 1080P front lens is built into the bangs of the MacBook Pro. When Xiao Hei saw this message, he was speechless for a while and didn’t know what to say. Fortunately, I waited and saw news that it can call the ISP, neural network engine, and computing video technology in M1 Pro/Max to improve the experience of FaceTime. But in the final analysis, it only improves the effect of the front camera, and does not bring about the same leap-forward improvement as Face ID.

What is the reason behind the “brainless” bangs on the MacBook Pro?

This begs the question: Is Apple banging for bangs, or for other reasons.

In fact, judging from the press conference and the blogger’s unboxing, the appearance of bangs may have Apple’s own thinking. From the front of the MacBook Pro screen, after the addition of bangs, except for the striking big bangs, the top borders are all narrowed, and the left and right borders are also narrowed, making the screen ratio higher. As a result, the screens of the two versions of the MacBook Pro are each increased by 0.2 inches.

Although the screen ratio has become higher, how to deal with the visual interference caused by bangs is another issue that Apple needs to consider. For example, many netizens are very concerned about how to coexist with the bangs and the top status bar during daily use?

According to the Mac product line manager, the appearance of bangs can make the status bar move up as a whole, which means it can free up space at the top for creators. As for how to hide, it depends on the adaptation speed of subsequent manufacturers.

However, at the stage just released now, the adaptation speed of manufacturers may not be as fast as expected. For example, foreign bloggers have been exposed. When using iStat Menus, a popular foreign application, some settings in the top menu bar are blocked by bangs. When the mouse moves to this area, it can be triggered, but the relevant options have been blocked. Seriously affect the user experience.

In this regard, foreign developers have developed applications that specifically block bangs. The more popular ones are Forehead, TopNotch, and De-Notch-ifier. Friends who need it can download and try it out. Although Xiaohei did not start a MacBook Pro, but out of curiosity, Xiaohei experienced the TopNotch application. The end effect is that it makes the top status bar go from translucent to solid black, so that it blends in with the bangs.

Considering that the MacBook Pro is equipped with a mini-LED screen, although the Contrast ratio and Display black effect have approached OLED, the fact is that after the status bar turns black, if you look closely at the top center part, you can still see the traces of bangs. For obsessive-compulsive patients, this is still a bit frustrating to look at.

In addition, some netizens are discussing the topic of “how bangs and mouse coexist”. Before the evaluation video was released, as many as four solutions were discussed, and the final effect is shown in the following animation:

In the end, Apple chose the first solution, that is, the mouse can directly pass through the bangs, and the user can also hide the mouse pointer in the bangs. Compared with the other three schemes, this method is actually more in line with interactive intuition, and the other three methods all deliberately deepen the existence of bangs.

In general, the bangs of the MacBook Pro have merits and demerits. The advantage is that the screen ratio is higher and the visual impact is stronger; the disadvantage is that it takes a while for users to adapt to this special-shaped screen, and at the same time, they have to wait for the adaptation of the application. More importantly, the design of Liu Haiping may be paving the way for the next generations of MacBook Pro to be equipped with Face ID. After all, squeezing toothpaste is Apple’s traditional skill.

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