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To promote the collaborative innovation of computing power network, Intel and China Telecom Tianyi Cloud jointly create a new ecosystem of 5G cloud and network integration

At the 2021 International Digital Technology Exhibition and Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo held recently, Intel and China Telecom Tianyi Cloud innovated to build a computing power cloud network, comprehensively promote cloud-network integration from cloud to edge, and fully demonstrated at the exhibition site through technological innovation and The latest achievements in the digitalization of ecological construction services for thousands of industries.

To promote the collaborative innovation of computing power network, Intel and China Telecom Tianyi Cloud jointly create a new ecosystem of 5G cloud and network integration

Zhuang Binghan, Intel’s vice president of sales and marketing and general manager of operator customer sales in the Asia-Pacific region, said: “As the demand for computing power in the cloud computing market continues to grow, coupled with the continuous implementation of 5G technology in the industry, more and more new scenarios have exploded in demand. It is foreseeable that in the future, the integration of cloud and network will become the main battlefield of competition, and solving strong computing power and dealing with new scenarios will become a battleground in the industry.”

As the core of cloud computing, the importance of computing power is self-evident. Therefore, providing different computing power for various industries and applications, thereby improving efficiency and changing computing architecture has become the top priority. To this end, on the one hand, Intel helps China Telecom Tianyi Cloud to cope with the growing demand for computing power, to break through cutting-edge technologies such as heterogeneous computing, and to consolidate its leadership in the central cloud field. On the other hand, taking advantage of the advantages of the original network side to deploy the edge and promote cloud-side collaboration, with the support of Intel’s product technology, China Telecom E-Surfing Cloud has established a new business growth point on the ToB side and has become a trusted digital service partner for customers. Based on this event, Intel and China Telecom Tianyi Cloud showcased a series of joint innovations.

The SD-WAN solution created by Intel and China Telecom E-Surfing Cloud can accelerate enterprise cloud migration, improve branch network access, interconnection and gateway efficiency, thereby improving enterprise application network connection experience. In order to help different industries and applications realize the rational allocation of computing resources, Intel also joined hands with China Telecom E-Surfing Cloud to jointly innovate smart network cards and elastic bare metal server products, release server CPU and memory resources consumed by the network, offload network loads, and improve e-Surfing Cloud. Host virtualization efficiency and explore future platform architectures for heterogeneous computing. SmartNICs based on the Intel FPGA SmartNIC C5000x platform can also help improve data center performance by increasing network throughput and reducing latency by offloading network functions from server CPUs. In addition, these SmartNICs support customization to offload network management and security functions from server CPUs, enabling increased automation and security in the data center.

In addition, since the global computing power demand doubles every 3.5 months, in response to the new computing power demand of enterprises, Intel has also cooperated with China Telecom Tianyi Cloud to conduct in-depth exploration in the construction of computing power network and jointly build an edge integrated machine. Intel and China Telecom E-Surfing Cloud jointly launched E-Surfing Cloud ECX (K8S management node), E-Surfing Cloud edge node (if the control plane is deployed separately) and 5G private network integrated machine platform, which not only realizes the unified management and scheduling of E-Surfing Cloud nodes and E-Surfing Cloud edge nodes , including image management, application distribution, etc., and also achieve edge integration, cloud-network integration, build cloud-native network elements, and achieve cloud-side collaboration.

In the process of in-depth exploration of the AR/VR field, Intel has also cooperated with Tianyi Cloud to create a game service platform that can provide users with full network access, high-definition genuine content, and multi-terminal immersive experience, allowing gamers to play through click-and-play. In this way, you can quickly and easily experience the fun of the game in the whole scene, and comprehensively enhance the cloud gaming experience. Intel? Xeon? Scalable processors vs. Intel? The combination of server GPUs can also provide high-density, low-latency solutions for high-density media transcoding of Android cloud games and OTT live video live broadcasts. Intel? The server GPU adopts Intel Xe-LP micro-architecture (Intel’s most energy-efficient graphics architecture), designed for high-density, low-latency Android cloud gaming and streaming services, and can handle high-density cloud rendering loads with ease. Meanwhile, based on Intel? Server GPU, Intel and China Telecom Tianyi Cloud have also jointly built a cloud mobile phone with functions such as taking pictures and file sharing, which better meets users’ needs for low-latency and large-bandwidth terminal products.

In an era of exponentially increasing computing power demands, Intel is driving technological innovation and innovation through the “four superpowers” including ubiquitous computing, infrastructure from the cloud to the edge, ubiquitous connectivity and artificial intelligence. Change to meet complex challenges. In the future, Intel will continue to rely on its leading cloud-network-edge product portfolio, software and hardware acceleration solutions, and general reference designs to work with all ecological partners at home and abroad to promote technological innovation, promote 5G applications, and jointly build a prosperous digital economy!

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