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TV remotes are 20 times dirtier than toilets, maybe it’s time for a smart TV

Recently, everyone has started the state of being at home, and television has become the best way for the public to entertain and understand the world. However, it is also very important to pay attention to the home hygiene environment. According to foreign media reports, a British study shows that television Remotes can be 20 times dirtier than toilets. The researchers analyzed bacteria, yeast and mold in various household items. Includes TV remote, litter box lid, bedroom rug, living room rug and toilet seat. Unexpectedly, the item with the highest bacterial content was not the toilet seat, but the TV remote control.

This result reminds us that in normal times, we should pay special attention to the disinfection and cleaning of these commonly used items. There was a similar research report some time ago, saying that mobile phones are the items with the highest bacterial content in daily life, but at that time, I believed that many people would not think of it. The remote control is also one of the “dangerous items” that endanger people’s health.

TV remotes are 20 times dirtier than toilets, maybe it’s time for a smart TV

In the analysis report, the TV remote control bacteria and yeast reached 290 colony-forming units per square centimeter, including severe mold. By comparison, the toilet seat had only 12.4 colony-forming units per square centimeter and had only mild mold. Considering the recent emphasis on hygiene, it is recommended that you disinfect and clean the remote control regularly, and wash your hands after use.

In fact, there is another way to solve the potential harm caused by the TV remote control to people, that is to choose the current smart TV, many of the AI ​​smart TVs on the market already support the voice interaction function. Of course, there are good and bad among them, and users who have experienced it themselves will know that some of the process of such voice interaction will be very “torque and bumpy”. Hello, XX”, but wait for a few seconds to get a response, and then continue to hold down the voice key to say the next voice command, such as “open XX program”. In this way, it is probably necessary to go through the complicated process of pressing a button, waking up the TV, voice commands, waking up again, and voice commands again. Therefore, such a voice interaction function makes users feel very tasteless, and it is a pity to abandon it.

What really interests everyone, and is expected to make everyone abandon the remote control in the future, is the far-field voice function, which is an AI voice that integrates AI voice search and is widely used in smart TVs and smart speakers. interactive technology. The far-field voice can realize remote-control-free voice control at a distance of 5 meters. Users can control the smart TV and smart speakers by directly speaking commands through the wake-up word at a long distance, eliminating the tedious operation of traditional Bluetooth voice remote control that requires pressing the voice button all the time to issue voice commands.

Through far-field voice, we can truly abandon the remote control, communicate with the TV, and issue commands. Of course, from the perspective of technical difficulty, far-field voice has to overcome many software and hardware problems such as noise control, sound source localization, reverberation elimination, and cloud recognition. , but now, all these have made a huge step forward with the efforts of various manufacturers. Users can use their mouths to remotely control the TV at a distance of more than 5 meters from the TV, and even directly specify by voice, without the need for The wake-up word wakes up the device, realizing the fastest human-computer interaction experience.

Now some manufacturers have begun to hope to add humanistic and emotional exchanges to artificial intelligence. While enriching the intelligent voice interaction function of the TV, more emotional interaction is added, so that the intelligent voice function can make more emotional connections while improving the user’s life efficiency. I believe that in the near future, we can truly abandon the remote control and complete the further communication between humans and machines.

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