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What important information did Ren Zhengfei’s speech on HUAWEI CLOUD release?

On December 30, 2020, “Xinsheng Community” released Ren Zhengfei’s speech at the enterprise business and cloud business briefing. The reason why Huawei released Ren Zhengfei’s speech at the enterprise business and cloud business briefing on November 4, 2020 in the form of “email from the president’s office” at this point in time revealed that Huawei Cloud will likely launch a new business in 2021. Wheel adjustment information. In this speech, Ren Zhengfei talked about the main problems facing HUAWEI CLOUD, solutions, iterative ideas, etc. From the height of strategic deployment to specific methods, Ren Zhengfei’s self-criticism and thinking about HUAWEI CLOUD is not only about HUAWEI CLOUD itself, It is instructive for many IT vendors to transform to the cloud.

First of all, in terms of thinking, it is necessary to change the way from selling hardware equipment to selling cloud services. Cloud computing is a transition from selling products to selling services. Everyone agrees with this direction, but many IT vendors still can’t fix the habitual thinking of “selling hardware equipment” when they actually do it.

Seven years ago, a reporter from China Electronics News interviewed Wang Jian, founder of Alibaba Cloud and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who talked about the transformation of traditional IT manufacturers such as Huawei into cloud computing: “Everyone knows that cloud computing is a service model, but When it’s really done, it’s selling devices to users.”

In this speech, Ren Zhengfei emphasized: “Huawei Cloud is not the leading edge of our traditional hardware equipment, developing products and selling products, but a change in Huawei’s customer-oriented business model, that is, from selling products to selling cloud services. We must build and sell cloud services. The ability to provide services and support the operation and maintenance capabilities of providing cloud services to customers. While learning from Amazon and Microsoft, we must also make our 30-year network accumulation into a unique advantage in the cloud service market and create more space , build differentiated features.”

Cloud computing is a direction and a new round of advancement in the IT industry. In this advanced direction, each enterprise has its own path and technical method. Today, the development of cloud computing has entered the second chapter, entering the era of hybrid cloud. In fact, even if it is hybrid cloud, exclusive cloud, and private cloud, its core is still the public cloud for exclusive customers. Only in this way can we better understand Creating better and better cloud technology and cloud services so that customers can enjoy the ultimate efficiency of the cloud is also a matter of thinking.

Ren Zhengfei said: “The core data and core business of many government enterprises still need to be carried in self-built data centers or dedicated clouds. Self-built data centers will also move from simple virtualization to cloud architecture, which is generally maintained by customers themselves. At the same time, it is required to enjoy the high-level service capabilities of the public cloud, which requires our HUAWEI CLOUD hybrid cloud solution. The private cloud is still a public cloud in essence, a public cloud built for specific customers. Amazon has built a GovCloud government cloud, which only Serves the U.S. government and is maintained by Amazon.”

Secondly, in terms of organizational structure, it is necessary to provide a unified customer-oriented interface to change the problem of “the railway police are in charge of each section” and “the problem of organizational fragmentation.” In Ren Zhengfei’s words: “Our current IT structure is built around the organizational structure. The more fragmented the organization is, the more fragmented IT is.” Cloud computing delivers more efficient, easier-to-use, and more extreme services to users, helping users solve all kinds of troubles, which must be solved by cloud service providers themselves Get rid of your various internal and external troubles and provide truly integrated services.

The reporter once remembered an interview about Microsoft Cloud in the early years. A vice president of Microsoft mentioned that Microsoft Cloud will embrace open source and integrate competitors’ products and services into the Microsoft cloud platform, which surprised the reporter. Facing the reporter’s surprise, the vice president gave the reason, to the effect that when you provide products to users, there may be competition among manufacturers, but when you provide services to users, your service products should be vague Eliminate competition, and let the products of the service make users the most satisfied. With this kind of thinking, we can run through the internal integration and external cooperation.

In fact, when Nadella was promoted from the head of Microsoft’s cloud service business to Microsoft CEO, the core adjustment made was to change Microsoft’s corporate culture, and collaboration was an important step in transforming Microsoft’s culture. One of Microsoft’s assessments of employees is your contribution to other departments, which are evaluated and scored by other departments to promote openness and collaboration among employees.

In this speech, Ren Zhengfei talked about the organizational structure problems currently faced by Huawei Cloud and enterprise business: “Now some representative offices in the front line have too much specialized division of labor, more interfaces, more cadres, more reports, and more actual work. There are fewer people.” “The strict organizational hierarchy and departmental walls have LED to too fine-grained division of labor. The ‘railway police’ each manages a section, but customers are uncomfortable. The forces that should be united to serve customers are involuntarily involved.” The front-line formation of scene-based synthetic operations, “tanks”, “aircraft”, “cannons”, “machine guns”… should all be under unified command. It is recommended to optimize the organization of representative offices according to the principle of “combination of operations and specialization of capabilities”.

Furthermore, from the direction of technological evolution and the realization path, it is necessary to build a future-oriented world-leading architecture and maintain the continuity of the technological architecture. Ren Zhengfei talked about the dimensions and methods of Huawei’s innovation in some key technologies in the way of “deconstruction”, hoping to find innovative methods that can be replicated in the field of cloud technology through anatomy and analogy.

Ren Zhengfei said: “Can we build a future-oriented world-leading architecture like storage products? What key short boards, new media, new algorithms, new architectures and even new theories need to be broken through, and organize various levels and types of ‘assaults’ Let scientists, experts, and engineers research and find solutions freely in advance. For example, is there any new advanced software architecture, new tools and methods, new computing power architecture, and new orchestration algorithms? , artificial intelligence algorithms, etc., do it the same way.”

At the same time, Ren Zhengfei also said that the technical architecture must be sustainable, the iteration of the expert team’s decision-making system must be scientific and stable, and the chief executive should not interfere in technical decision-making. “The openness, scalability, stability, durability, security, and efficiency of the underlying architecture determine the development potential and R&D efficiency of subsequent software.” And Ren Zhengfei further emphasized that software architecture is not achieved overnight, but is a development of continuous optimization. , To enter the field of direct competition, to surpass the opponent, it is necessary to continue to reform.

Software is defining the world, including cloud computing of course, so Huawei will further strengthen the capabilities of software. Ren Zhengfei said: “In the new year, we will increase talent investment in software architecture, methods and tools. Dare to introduce big architects and outstanding talents from global software competitions, and strive to cultivate talents at all levels from our team. A cloud computing architecture that enables architects of all levels to be promoted in a timely manner according to their abilities and contributions.”

Create a better architecture and find new variables from various dimensions such as chip, network, computing, storage, etc. Every company is crossing the sea in the Eight Immortals, and it is because of this that we can see that Amazon and Microsoft have moved the mind of the chip, the mind of the algorithm, The mind of the network. The world is changing because of the cloud. At Amazon’s AWS re:Invent not long ago, Amazon’s AWS CEO Andy Jassy used the word “reinvent” up to 50 times in a three-hour speech. It means that the world will start over with the cloud, and it also means that cloud computing will enter a new round of reshaping.

Fourth, from the perspective of ecology, whoever wins the ecology wins the world, and ecology determines the life and death of cloud computing companies. We must grasp the ecology in a way that attaches importance to life. Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei should “go all out to build an application ecosystem and build a big ecosystem like Amazon. Without applications, Huawei Cloud may die.”

The key to attracting users to the cloud and using the cloud is business value, and it can bring greater business value returns, or what can really touch the nerves of users is the application business that is closely related to the business, so is a cloud platform attractive to users? Depends on its application ecology. According to incomplete statistics, AWS currently has tens of thousands of partners around the world and thousands in China. It is precisely because of this ecological effect that it is booming.

In terms of building a cloud application ecosystem, Ren Zhengfei believes that mobile Internet applications, enterprise applications, government applications, coal mining applications, airport applications, safety applications, GTS applications, and company internal IT applications are all opportunities for Huawei’s ecological development.

From the construction method, Ren Zhengfei talked about Huawei’s experience in the terminal cloud, and also revealed the main problems Huawei is currently facing in ecological construction, from management awareness of calling interface management to process and organizational structure.

In his speech, Ren Zhengfei mentioned the word “black land” many times. Whether it is from technological innovation research and development or for ecological partners, Ren Zhengfei hopes that Huawei can become a nutritious “black land” and allow technology to flourish. Let partners and applications thrive.

After Ren Zhengfei’s speech was released, some netizens on the Internet left a message saying: “Boss Ren sees it thoroughly”, and some netizens said: “Microsoft and Amazon have spent ten years on the layout, and they are in a hurry to do cloud computing, especially IaaS.” It should be. It is said that only by seeing through ourselves, daring to face ourselves, and finding a better path can we develop better and faster. I hope Huawei Cloud will be better tomorrow.

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