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Xiaomi is under pressure, or the development opportunity of Huawei Hongmeng system

Xiaomi is blacklisted by the United States, which is a big punch for Chinese mobile phone companies.They originally thought that they would not become a goal of the United States without Huawei’s strong core technology research and development capabilities. However, Xiaomi’s experience now reminds them. I’m afraid it is hard to avoid it. This is a rare opportunity for Huawei’s Hongmeng system.

Xiaomi is under pressure, or the development opportunity of Huawei Hongmeng system

After the United States blacklisted Xiaomi, American investors will no longer be able to invest in Xiaomi, and Qualcomm is an investor in Xiaomi. One of Xiaomi’s core strengths, MIUI system, is customized based on the Android system.

Industry insiders believe that this is just that American investors cannot invest in Xiaomi, and the industry chain will continue to cooperate with Xiaomi. Perhaps companies such as Qualcomm and Google can continue to cooperate with Xiaomi, so Xiaomi’s mobile phone and other hardware businesses may not be affected too much. .

However, this incident reminds Xiaomi that it needs to prepare a backup plan. If more stringent measures will be adopted later, then it may be a disaster for Xiaomi, which is completely dependent on the industrial chain, and for Huawei, which has launched the Hongmeng system. It is undoubtedly a big plus.

Xiaomi is under pressure, or the development opportunity of Huawei Hongmeng system

Huawei has launched the Hongmeng system. It hopes to develop the Hongmeng system by relying on its own mobile phones, wearable devices, tablets and other products. However, the mobile phone business has experienced a sharp decline due to major obstacles, which means that it will face the development of the Hongmeng system alone. Great difficulty. Other domestic mobile phone companies have a rather ambiguous attitude towards Hongmeng System due to their competitive relationship with Huawei.

As Xiaomi has also been blacklisted, this has forced companies such as Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo to launch a spare tire plan to ensure that when U.S. companies really interrupt their cooperation, they can have an operating system to replace the Android system. However, for domestic products other than Huawei For mobile phone brands, they have not prepared their own backup operating system, so choosing the Hongmeng system that has laid a certain foundation becomes the best choice.

If these domestic mobile phone brands support the Hongmeng system, then the Hongmeng system may form a tripartite trend with Android and iOS systems. According to the data of Q3 in 2020 released by counterpoint, only five Chinese mobile phone companies, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, and realme, account for 47% of the global smartphone market.

Previously, Google’s ruthless attack on Huawei was not only affected by U.S. policy, but also related to Huawei’s claims to launch its own Hongmeng system. Google’s pressure on Huawei seems to have the meaning of killing chickens and trying to warn other mobile phone companies not to follow Huawei’s launch. Own operating system, avoid confrontation with Google.

However, the experience of Xiaomi today may force Chinese mobile phone companies to cooperate with Huawei. This will help the Hongmeng system to develop and grow rapidly. This is probably what the United States did not expect. Its approach may help China to develop its own rapidly. Operating systems, not only operating systems, domestic mobile phones may also support the development of domestic chip companies, because they finally understand that only by developing their own industrial chain can they avoid being controlled by others.

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